This game feels LIFELESS


Seriously. I might as well play vs Bots. NOONE communicates with the opposite side.
Where has the social component of videogames gone? press play and you go right into a match, no server browser (would be a bit hard) where you can meet the same people, no settings except “what do i want to play and” and random modes, when i only play hunt…

Conversations are Interrupted by loading screens. and when you tab you do not see what other people wrote because here is no chatlog and messages stay there for 1 second.
You can not add people on Steam, you do not see with whom you played after the lobby crashed.
There is no crossteamchat ingame, where you actually would have time to talk (after the game has ended) but no… not gonna happen. Instead we have to endure 30 seconds of victory animation and then 1 minute of loading screen and skill progression before we actually could talk to the opponent team.

on the same team it is a little bit better. but i do not play pug, so i am not affected by this.

Fix it for all that is holy.

Going in a similar direction is the creation of cummunities. a long time ago, you connected on a server and get to know people. the same people. this is missing in todays gaming industry.
What you should do and noone as far as i know has done till now:

Make it possible to form groups (like a steam group) with more people than 5. Those groups should be permanent. Then you can search for matchmaking in different categories:

  • public
  • group only

thanks for listening and please dont let this game make the same mistakes as other games last year.


I would definitely like it if the TRS guys could sort out interlinking with Steam so I can find people I’ve played with so I can add them later after a good game with them.


this has to happen, yes.