This game favors Hunters strongly and I'll tell you why


we would like to see a match of yours. maybe then we can see your dire need from help. judging by your list of false claims, you are pretty low on the totem pole of skill.

dont worry we arent evil, we will give you pointers on how to play better.


Im not going to call anything else op that was only about Parnell in my opinion. But if slim can really mask the Bunters scent that takes away the only way the Monster had of tracking the Hunters which I know is not balanced.


I don’t how you guys don’t see how much harder it is to win as the Monster than it is with the Hunters but ok.


i think slim needs to hit you to mask scent, its a combat ability


I honestly think the most balanced game I have played from these guys was left 4 dead but this… this does not seem balanced.

  1. Yes the hunters need a way of tracking the monster.
  2. No they are not at all. I challenge any hunter to a race against my goliath. I will out run them everytime. Its all in how you use your traversals. Try jumping from the top of cliffs and not spamming your traversal everytime its ready. I see lots of monsters that spend the entire game spamming their traversal everytime its ready to go and this is not how its done. Also use your attacks such as charge, leapsmash, and warpblast as a poor mans traversal.
  3. If they are doing this its a good thing because they are wasting their tracking on you when they should be timing them to happen one after the other.
  4. Again not much of a problem. its not like they can shoot you from cloak so generally only the support will remain cloaked for any length of time. If Laz has cloaked then just camp the body until his cloak wears off then go to town on him. Yeah you will take some damage but thats the trade off.
  5. Small maps can be brutal but they often have very high cliff ledges you can use to your advantage to exhaust the hunters jetpacks. Use this to your advantage.
  6. If it was just one life then done then this would be a boring game. If they are returning from dropship then congrats for you because they have at least 20%-40% of their health gone which means they are going to be easy pickings. After 2 strikes hunters die outright unless you let Laz revive them. Not all hunters can cloak and run away and the ones that do should be the top two on your kill list.
  7. We know nothing about this ability. How long does it last. Does it only affect a certain area. Does its effect stick to hunters. Do hunters lose the effect after they leave the area. Your bitching about things when you don’t even know how they work yet.
  8. Silent dome is not a big deal. A good monster should always be on the move and keeping track of the hunters. This was added because good players were finding ways to constantly avoid being domed which relied on hearing the dome click sound. The dome should not be too easily avoided if the hunters get close enough to youl.
  9. The most recent stream showed much better players using behemoth and he was doing quite well. Also behemoth takes less damage while in his traversal form.
  10. Parnell is a good assault if he can constantly stay in the perfect position AND have a good medic (preferably not Laz). Otherwise his damage output is abysmal if you stay outside of shotgun range and keep moving which is what a good monster should be doing. Supersoldier takes about 20% health I believe which is a lot of health. I use parnell sometimes and if you use SS at the wrong time you will die very fast if the monster hits you with a heavy attack.


I’m a Goliath main. I’m not a pro. I’ve never lost a pug in 1 month. I think that if the game favorites the hunters, we would soon suffer for lack of monsters. This is why I’m sure that TRS is doing anything in its power to keep everything balanced. Obviously that isn’t done on a subjective list, it’s done on server stats.


because until hunters FINALLY got their acts together. most tournies were dominated by monster players. and that was swung towards hunters after banning elite wildlife, and disabling perks or masteries
(not all tournies did all three. but most tourney organzations expiermented with all three off or on)

now its around 50/50 i say. it all depends on skill and good decision making.


A big problem is that monsters can be played rough & fast, but require a great deal of their own cunning & strategy. When you’re playing monster anywhere between ranks 0 to 25 the general experience is run, eat, and then just crush the hunters. Then the hunters get coordinated, even for pubs, and now its a lot less "HULK SMASH" and you have to chain together a great deal of smaller strategies you used to use on separate occasions: you will probably have to engage, evade, quickly juke & lose them for a moment, and feed on the run within a couple minutes rather over the stretch of the game.


Frankly I don’t blame him. Generally hostile responses to any thread asking questions of the game is becoming the status quo around here.


All your opinion.


Possibly. However, I would be less inclined to keep this thread clean than just shut it down due to having an aggressive first post. We want discussions, yes, but if you call your audience names you are setting it up so that the thread won’t have anything good in it.


If you read my post you would see that I never called anyone directly any of those things. I said if you want to go ahead and call me any of the above fine. Like I said. I’ve heard them all before.


So first, I’d point out that monster wins statistically more games than hunters, on every map. So “favors strongly” is definitely wrong.

But sure, the list real quick.

1.) Tracking does not equal catching, fighting, or winning against the monster. Good tracking just ensures that the game has constant rising and falling action until the game is over.
2.) The hunters move slower than all three monsters and give him a speed boost when he’s in combat. His traversal travels further than their jetpacks and he handles elevation changes faster. The jungle is filled with dangerous wildlife designed to slow hunters down. Traversal is probably the hardest thing for hunters to do well and it’s a cakewalk for the monster. Caira’s acceleration field just saw a nerf.
3.) See 1 and 2. Getting tracked is annoying, not life threatening
4.) Invisibility has a ripple, shows footprints, and shows jetpack streams, so all it does is make you harder to see. It doesn’t stop you from getting focused and you will still get killed out of invis frequently if you are not using it perfectly.
5.) Carrion birds can be avoid entirely by eating in caves or used as bait to lure the hunters to the wrong side of the map. If you dodge a dome, you only need to walk eight seconds away from the map to avoid taking any serious damage from the hunters. If you don’t dodge a dome, you just need to juke them.
6.) Hunters get massive strike penalties that hurt tremendously instead of permanent health damage. The monster also has a near infinite pool of health, it’s called armor.
7.) Could be pretty good man. I would wait until it’s released to comment on it though.
8.) Scent masking and invisibility are both temporary and there’s still a ripple. Characters shout VO lines when they see monsters even while invisible.
9.) There were two twitch streams, in one the Behemoth knew what he was doing and stomped all over the hunters multiple times. In the other, PC players who had never used a controller before and never played Behemoth lost.
10.) Parnell is an assault who does damage like the rest of the assaults. He’s a little better at doing damage and a little worse at defending his team and denying areas.


Fair enough. You didn’t directly call people names, but you basically challenged them to do see.

Regardless of what you meant, the perception is that you are being openly hostile before a discussion has even started.


Actually I want to say that even with a TRS guy on the Behemoth, his armor and health did melt pretty dang fast. He’s such a big target that shots which might miss other monsters will hit Behemoth. He soaks up a lot of damage, yes, but the damage he soaks up goes straight to his health and armor. I’m not saying he’s weaker than the other monsters. Unfortunately so far he doesn’t seem any healthier than they do either, which, for a monster who is supposed to be a “tank”, isn’t very impressive.

Otherwise, good list. :blush:


Sorry, but I like to give my point straight forward regardless if I was hostile. There are too many people on these forums now who are quick to call people names like the ones mentioned above.


It is harder to win as Monster. I thought that was the point? You have to out-think and out-maneuver 4 other players who may be working together as a clockwork. That’s why you’re OP at S3, because you survived long enough to slap the Holy Shit out of them. :laughing:


Thank you :blush: I do hope they make his weak spot less open you don’t really need auto aim or even a good aim to hit something that big.


And that is fine, I was just trying to help you out having a better discussion then someone who is having a bad day and reads your post thinking it a good one and then gets to the end and decides to flame you for it. Just wanted to help :slight_smile: