This game favors Hunters strongly and I'll tell you why

  1. The one million and ten ways the Hunters can track the Monster. Cabots Dust tagging, Abes darts, glowing footprints, Buckets uav head, Maggie’s trapjaw, scare birds and random carrion birds.
  2. The Hunters jetpacks are too fast it’s way too easy to keep up with the Monster especially with Cairas acceleration boost spamming.
  3. Hunters are able to combo track the Monster. Example, Cabots dust tagging plus Abes darts.
  4. Invisibility at the click of a button. Half the team at any time can go invisible as long as Laz is the medic, Monster is then forced to look for tiny footprints or a slight blue tint of their jetpack.
  5. Small maps make it even easier to find the Monster usually before it even hits stage two. Monster tries to come up with a sneak and eat strategy to Evolve quietly but carrion birds ruin any attempt at silent eating giving away position to Hunters for no reason other than this game clearly favors the Hunters. Monster is then forced to abandon sneak method and run and eat.
  6. Hunters get multiple revives and multiple lives from the dropships. Hunters can easily go invisible and retreat when things go bad and wait for the dropship again.
  7. The new tier 4 medic called Slim has a scent masking ability. Combine this with invisibility and cooldown reduction perk and not only is smell useless, you will never know where they are and if you’re even evolving in a safe spot anymore.
  8. TRS wants to make the dome silent in a patch. If this happens then combined with the scent masking ability and invisibility the Hunters would be truly undetectable.
  9. The Behemoth twitch stream. TRS has been boasting about how this Monster would be so strong yet it got its armor melted say in less than ten seconds. It also has a huge weak point in front of its stomach so missing it is near impossible. I can’t see how TRS expects people to pay $15 still either after this terrible display of a Monster.
  10. Parnell. Yes I said Parnell. Whenever he goes op mode I mean… supersoldier mode he loses next to nothing for even using it. (a breadcrumb of health) Combine this with Cabot and you have something that is truly unbalanced. Please like or leave a comment as to why or why not you agree with my list. And please by all means tell me I suck, or that Im a dumbass, or that im just stupid in general because I don’t give two shits if you do as I’ve heard everything in the book.


If you don’t want people to be aggressive in replying to you, you shouldn’t be so openly hostile. Just saying. Flies and honey and all…


It is slightly favorable to hunters. But 1 mistake and it’s gg monster win.


The funny thing is I could probably make a list that long and make a topic called “This game favors Monsters strongly and I’ll tell you why.”


this one is my favorite. ok im out not wasting time here.


Did you watch the live stream with the Devs? Behemoth fared much better when someone with experience played him. This whole list a little silly though.Hunters can’t cover near the same amount of distance as a Monster and the speed boost got an increased cool down.


Then by all means make one. Cause I don’t see how. The Monster gets one life after that it’s over

  1. Hunters need ways of finding the monster, otherwise thered be no chance of finding him. Also, each one you listed is ways of tracking a monster, they dont seek out and find the monster automatically, they require the hunters to find it first
  2. Jetpacks are nowhere near as fast as any monster, sorry, thats just how it is
  3. Yeah so? If they have you tracked by one thing, another doing the same exact thing really isnt much trouble.
  4. Cloaks arent super effective and last a smidge of time, really not that bad.
  5. Small maps do suck, but there are some that are monster favored with a ton of cliffs, lots of water, etc.
  6. If you killed them once, really isnt hard to do it again, especially since they come back weakened.
  7. Slim isnt even out yet, please dont call OP before he is even released, thats just unneeded
  8. Honestly not gamechanging, just be a bit aware of your surroundings. Besides, the cloak dome is 100% legit, audio was just removed because of the you know what that starts with W.
  9. Newest livestream shows Behemoth in the hands of better players, hes honestly a badass, you should watch it :stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Parnell can be knocked away, wasting his SS entirely, also the 25% health loss is actually crippling if used at the wrong time, seen many a Parnell use it the moment my rock throw was about to hit him. RIP parnell.
    Also Cabot amps all damage, Parnell is just capable of doing more damage at the cost of A. His life and B. Any sort of Area denial.
    No offense to you by any means, but it sounds to me like youve just been having a rough time with good hunters, trust me, i was there, it suuuuucked. After a while you start learning ways to counter everything, and once you reach that point, little buggers dont stand a chance


You know you can see footprints when a hunter cloaks right? I used to have trouble with cloaks, but I don’t really anymore not unless he just gets lucky.


When one Hunter falls, it’s a domino effect from there in the claws of a clever Monster.


Hunters have many many ways of finding the a Monster. Im saying that they have too many. And Im also saying carrion birds are totally ridiculous and completely unnecessary and favoring the Hunters. You come up with a good sneak strategy to eat and evolve why should it be ok that the game punishes you for eating something you have to do to evolve in the first place?


Because it’s risk vs. reward. Sneaking on it’s own is very strong. If there wasn’t the slightest risk to it everyone would be doing it.


Haha preach it man, carrion birds suuuuuck. Thats why i learned the spawn area of the albino obsidian beetle. Little buggers give you full immunity from all birds for a short amount of time, usually enough for stage 2, halfway to stage 3. Just one of those counters i mentioned earlier. Also there are things favoring monster just as much.
Venomhounds, Tyrants, Megamouths, Reavers, Plants, Nomads, all of them deadly to hunters but much less so towards monsters. Also, Hunters have no way of denying, buffs. Hunters find a buff, Monster can eat the buff after.
MONSTER finds a buff, monster eats the buff, completely negating any possibility of hunters acquiring it.
Only thing that i personally believe is hunter favored is Defend, 4 wins in a row, then i have to fight an uberbuffed camping human team with unlimited lives and no strikes ever. Rustles my jimmies i tells ya


There doesn’t seem to be any risk for the Hunters at all when Im playing as the Monster imo.


It’s not a Hunter strategy? Why would a Monster play have risk for the other team? The Monster decides to have a good chance of not being detected (High Reward) Monster could get Carrions (High Risk).

If you are talking about Hunter strategies there are plenty.

Use up lots of Jet Pack to catch up to the monster (High Reward) monster can attack when you can’t dodge (High Risk)

You split up and go 4 different directions to cover more ground (High Reward) you get eaten by wildlife/pounce (High Risk)


What Im saying is now with the tier 3 Hunters and soon to be tier 4 Hunters you just don’t seem to stand a chance as the Monster. There’s way too many ways to track you and way too much pressure on you in general. You’re alread super weak at stage one and before you get to stage 2 you’re guaranteed to get arrion birds 3 or 4 times at least. And even when I’m stage 3 I don’t even feel like I’ve gained the upper hand like your supposed to. Im sorry it just doesn’t feel balanced anymore there’s too many things favoring the Hunters in general but I respect your opinion


maybe you should …evolve your thought process.


I must be playing a very different game, because the balance is pretty darn solid all things considered.


There is so much wrong about what you typed up and shows how little time you have put into really learning the game that I don’t even want to start but I have to reply in some way because there is so quick button to just hit and say I disagree.


I’ve put hours upon hours into the game bud I know what Im doing and I know there are people who disagree with me but whatever that’s their opinion.