This game can't take weeks to get balanced. It will suffer a lot of lost players


We need FUN to happen now. Fun spreads good reviews. Weeks before the first balance patch will guarantee many will stop playing.


Whats not fun about it? If you mention Wraith your point is immediately invalid; this is to ensure you don’t have a scapegoat and must provide actual reasoning.


Do you have anything in particular you don’t like? Need some feedback so the devs know what bothers you. What needs to be balanced? Explain it so we know what you are referring too.


I have to disagree with you @Vexille. Wraith is a serious issue in that it can be incredibly difficult to track her down, even in a dome. The devs are in the process of tweaking her right now. Wraith is using decoy in ways that wasn’t anticipated (as the devs knew would happen with some skills). Wraith excluded, the game seems to work as intended.


No I know she is a pain to track, I never said she wasn’t. But I only mentioned that so people can show me other aspects that aren’t fun

She is totally anti-fun and boring to track. I just wanted him to prove some other points rather than sing the same song.


What TRS need to do is make her cloak the same as support’s, where it is slightly visible still… Then when in a Dome the tactic would be 2 hunters on Decoy and 2 finding and chasing the real Wraith…


“Want to bring up a valid point about one monster being unbalanced in a constructive manner?” . Nope you’re entirely wrong, that’s not a valid point because I say so cuz I’m special.


Review this, I just wanted to get other info. Didn’t want this thread to be another “anti-wraith” thread.


If fun spreads good reviews, how in the heck did Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1 and 2 get good reviews? O_o


I know it’s Valentines and I’m married, but my heart goes to you :smiley:


The game is suffering from a bunch of issues right now, players can quit games to protect their w/l ratio, people in parties who are supposed to be hunter only are being pushed into playing the monster by the game, the leader boards are broken, there is no skill based rank system, no cross language communication like in say tribes ascend which was an indie game btw, numerous glitches across the board, I love evolve don’t get me wrong but it feels like the game was simply not ready for a full release yet, there is still so much to fix and its going to be even harder now that the game is live as for balance high skill monsters have proven to be near unbeatable, auto balance is being used by people who didn’t actually lose, kraken owns on defend, on rescue the spawning has a very simple system to decide where to spawn the survivors which when figured out lets you predict their spawn points, hunt mode to their credit is actually really well balanced so I tend to stick to that mode while the others get their eventual fixes, sorry if I sounded mean here I do really love this game it just feels like a lot more needed to be added and fixed before this thing got out the door especially when it comes to evac mode

Edit: sorry had to say this as I feel it kinda proves my point, so as we know turtle rock are currently making a “hot fix” system so they can tweak and patch the game more easily and also faster which is great but. . . Why add that after the games release? That system should have already been in place and fully tested rather then making a whole new patching system while the game is live and praying it doesn’t break anything when it first gets added into the game, just seems really unprofessional and like the game wasn’t actually finished


Can you give us some kind of evidence that wraith is getting nerf?