This frustrates me


Everyone knows that this game isn’t perfect. Everyone knows that sometimes the balancing between hunters and monsters is off. The Evolve Forums are an excellent place to discuss your opinions on this. I don’t want to hear about it while I’m playing a game. I’m tired of the hunter players who scream “OP” every time they loose a match. I prefer to play as a hunter when online now simply because I feel every victory I have as a monster is immediately discredited and turned into a debate about how I’m capitalizing on a broken system. I’ve been yelled at for playing Wraith, Kraken and even Goliath. If all the monsters are broken, who am I supposed to play?

I also am bothered when I’m on the hunters team and I hear a fellow hunter complaining about OP monsters. Go to the forums with it. Saying the monster is broken not only discredits the victories of the monster, but the victories of the hunters as well. When I’m beaten by a monster, I’m frustrated at myself for not doing better. This helps me improve my game. I’m not going to discredit the player by saying he’s taking advantage of a broken system.

My final point of contention is this; Stop barking demands at other players. I’ve played with new players. I once was a new player myself. Some players aren’t good. Sometimes that can effect you negatively. If you are aggressive and demanding of these players, they are going to defy you on principle. Please try to be constructive. When I hear a more adapt player barking at a less experienced player, I get upset myself. This stops being a game and becomes a shouting match. I’m not saying you should hold your tongue, just try and be nice to these people. They aren’t bad at the game intentionally. If you handle the situation properly, they may even grow as players.

Come on guys, this is a game. Stop being so negative while playing. If it’s really that misserable of an experience for you, please stop playing so the rest of us can enjoy the game.


Very interesting. Something that happens to me often. I play mainly monster and every now and then I get to play hunter. Obviously I am rather weak hunter. So few games ago I got trapped by a plant and one player who had the idea of being inexperienced helped me out. Unfortunately the monster took advantage of the situation and killed both of us cause we were separated. The …supposedly better player started ranting in the chat how big f…ing noobs we are etc. So yes I agree with You. There are players to whom this game is the biggest achievement in their lives and who don’t care about helping out the team by constructive tips. They instantly flame you. It discourages me to play hunter cause I’m not good with them. But that also means that I will never learn how to be better.


Thank you. An actual testament to support my statement. Personally I’ve taken more and more to just playing offline. I myself don’t get a lot of flack when playing hunter, but I’m so exhausted by other players who can’t just focus on their own performance.


Ehm… there is one very simple solution to your problem .

Mute the players.


If I could mute a single player, that would be fine. I like the communication aspects of this game though. I like talking strategy with other players. Unfortunately 1 in every 5-10 player have to bring a bad attitude to the game.


Eeeehm the thing is they aren’t using mics they are typing in chat so your tip although of good intention is rendered moot…any tip how to disable CHAT flaming? Yes I can not read it after the first flame but it doesn’t make the game more enjoyable in any way. We should be working as a team not flaming/ignoring each other.


Doesent the mute buttom works also on chat?


Hmmmm…that I’m not sure. If it does thank you for the tip :D. I never tried to mute anybody before. It was logical that it works only for mic. Thx for the tip then.


Well said. I agree with you about the “OP” screamers in the game. The only time Im fine with it is when I manage to make it in to a constructive discussion even if that derails us from the hunt a little bit.

Also have to agree with “get better” mentality about losing games. You will never improve unless you falter.


I would rather have a team mate who’s not very good but is trying and has a good attitude, than some average kid who thinks he’s amazing but in reality is as bad as the people he’s calling noobs.


I always get so greatly annoyed at people who rage out whenever someone makes a mistake. It’s better for the game, and for everyone involved in it, if you instead try to make good suggestions and compliment nice plays.


yeah, maybe I a masochist or something but one of the reasons I like this game is because i’m not very good at it (I like challenging myself). what I don’t need is ppl shouting at me or sending messages to my xbox homepage telling me to throw my xbox away (which my 6 yr old son saw, thank you very much).


Had this happen to me yesterday but it wasn’t me getting yelled at i got downed someone picked me up while we had a laz on our team. The guy who was laz freaked out but at the same time the guy who picked me up was a lvl 40 and should know better everyone was ready at the load screen and knew all the characters. Plus your a lvl 40 and have had enough time to know the game.


Yeah since there are more hunter players than monster players and if the devs listen to them then the monsters might as well be taken out since almost 80% of responses from hunter players are biased in favor of them winning and they refuse to put that bias aside and think of it from both ends to really give the game proper balance. It’s pathetic how people are so one-sided and ill mannered to think about the actual ways to balance the game, but they only have this thought in their brain, “I wanna win. I must win. I wanna win. I must win.”