This forums is unfriendly to mobile devices


What can be done about this?

  • I’m using a Galaxy Tab 2, any browser suggestions readers?


It does all the stuff I want a forum to do on iphone


What kinda issue are you facing @Azmi_Anuar ?

I am using Sony Z2 and i feel nothing wrong with the website. (I use CM browser and Chrome )

This is how i see :-

Feels exactly like the PC version ?


I use my cell for 90 % of my activity on the forums and mostly don’t have problems.


I’m on my laptop right now but the majority of my time spent here is while I’m on mobile and it seems to work pretty well for me.


Looks so cool. Mines is so unresponsive and the bars and layouts are messed up not to mention astronomical load time. I hate using Chrome, with the way it refreshes unused tabs.


Works perfect on my G3


What do you mean refreshing? Like reloading unused pages? If yes,then that doesnt happen in my phone…


Yeah when im like in this tab, and I reopen the other tab it has to reloads it. So annoying.


Using Android with Google Chrome don’t have any issues. Best forum I’ve ever seen I reckon. Feature wise I mean.


I dont have that mentioned issue. Please update your chrome. Or download cm Broswer or Dolphin Browser.