This dudes super trolly -IGN


i know this is not really a evolve thing that i need help with but on a scale 1 to 10 how trolly is it to kill all but one person and let the dropship comeback as the monster. I just love to do that. yes i know its a d-bag move but its fun because its kinda helps if you want to farm to get those mastery points up :sunglasses:


Quite. If mastery matters that much, just go solo rather than grief other players. It’s the equivalent of tea-bagging in my opinion.


I would say 10. I can assure you it is not the least bit fun as the Hunters. If you can end a match there and then, you should. Being forced to drop back in with no hope of beating the Monster over and over again is quite frustrating.


yeah i do that most of the time on defend in solo but when i need just a sliver i usally just get it done and then kill them all so it doesnt get too trolly


Not at all, that’s when you quit to conserve time. It more so makes the monster player look bad than anything. Doesn’t really accomplish much but wasting time.


Solid 10. I have been in those matches too many times, and usually just end up quitting once it’s obvious that’s happening. Usually, it’s when I’m stuck in awful pub matches. I’m not waiting to drop over and over again so someone can master their abilities. Do it in game by playing like you mean it, or in solo mode, not during the little time I have to sit down and try to enjoy the game.


I’ve seen come-backs from that… but mostly it’s just annoying. Try not to do it.


Twenty one.

Simply because playing with your food is, excuse the profanity, a “dick move”- colloquially speaking. I have done it once or twice against a team of bad sports, but never on randoms. It’s not great.


Well it depends, what character do you leave alive? If its support i wont judge, i let supports cloak and run then “pretend” i lose track of them. But if its like an assault, medic, or trapper that you legit watch run away then that aint cool bruh


Yeah its around 20-30 on the 1-10 scale. I’d suggest that strikes only persist for one drop (removed on the second drop) to keep monsters from farming a team they outclass, but frankly that just gives them a chance for one of them to get away since the monsters that are doing this will just camp the dropzone and drop 1-2 of the hunters almost immediately.

Also not sure if they changed this in the patch, but if all 4 hunter’s quit the match kicks the monster back to the lobby. The hunters take a loss, but they already lost. If it prevents a win at least that’s a 5-10 level troll back at the monster.


I’m soooooo guilty of doing this.


Your thread belongs to me the cybersquid overlord prepare to be glassed by the kraken!


This post makes it seem more like you’re bragging about something lame more than asking if it’s trolly.


If someone started doing that I’d try to regroup and make them pay for it, and if that didn’t work & they kept doing it I’d just leave the game. If you wanna farm masteries, do it on your own time. The main reason I play as Hunters is because there’s always a challenge - if you’re a Monster player and just pubstomping then there’s no challenge, and I don’t understand why those people just play the same thing over and over until the point you’re never losing & just ****ing with people, toying with them for s**ts & giggles. At that point it’s entirely an ego thing.


The only time I’ve been guilty of this is when i had no idea where the last guy went. So I usually will just evolve and go armor up , find a perk then go for that final showdown


Agreed. ^.^


It’s the worst thing ever it just adds unnecessary deaths to the leaderboard stats of the hunters, delays the game, it’s no fun, and if masteries matter that much play a solo game or custom with friends. I would never do it to randoms and have only done it to friends to mess around but that’s just because it’s fun to mess with them but to do it to randoms is to bully them.


I’ve done it to friends in customs (we’ve all done it to each other. ^.^), but only once in MM.

I did it in MM, because one monster ran the entire game killed us at the 25 minute mark, and almost died; and then called us all trash.

I then went Goliath, and juggled him for 30 minutes. I sat there, and killed him over, and over again. After the game, the other 3 guys were laughing at him. Apparently I only pissed him off, so my mission as accomplished. I would have kept going to 40 min, but he rage quit.

I don’t like people being dicks for no reason sometimes. ^.-


I don’t get why it takes people so long to stage up I’ve done it in 3 minutes 30 seconds before. (Wraith+Feeding Speed Perk) and on average I’m stage 3 by the 7 minute mark and win by the 10 minute mark.


I don’t know… Some people just run the entire match, because their armour drops so damn fast in combat, they can’t actually fight efficiently. He was also pissed off, because we were riding him the entire game. He was dome dodging everything, and spamming decoy/supernova 24/7.

This guy was on Wraith, pre patch.