This Current "cowardly monster" pub meta is stupid

So for some reason I have had very unfortunate luck and continually run into monsters that are utter cowards while playing in Hunt 2.0. By this i mean that they refuse, utterly refuse, to fight until Stage 3 at the relay. Even at Stage 3 they usually refuse to fight. Ive had domes where the monster is Stage 3 with full armor and not a single hunter is attacked. It just ran around taking armor damage and then spent 6-7 minutes apparently trying to find a new perk. No really. we won due to time running out. It sucked.

You may be thinking, “but reaching Stage 3 is the entire point.” WRONG!!! the point is to defeat/kill the hunters. Destroying the relay is an alternate win condition for hunters that run and hide.

Honestly I feel that a prerequisite for evolving to Stage 3 should be that Hunters took a certain amount of damage(not downs because some medics are REALLY good). This means that monsters must attempt to fight the hunters at least slightly at Stage 2. This flee at all costs until Stage 3 and then some is NOT FUN. Stage 2 monsters are not weak. Maybe not as powerful as Stage 3 but certainly not weak.

I am very happy that it is easier to dome monsters now but there still needs to be a reason for monsters to fight hunters currently because I guess there isn’t.

Maybe have a seven minute match timer that pauses during fights. exactly like the final timer. Force monsters to fight.

Im desperate and angry


Well, the actual idea of playing monster is to try and play for strikes early on because sieging relay is hell against 4 full health hunters

But at least personally I find it really hard to get strikes at all against specific comps, and armor gets torn through fast so I end up having to retreat. As somebody who fought in advantageous spots at stage 1 and fought almost non-stop at stage 2 months ago, I feel more pressured to play hide and seek than before.

I have a LOT of trouble playing goliath right now, I had a game against jack/caira/sunny/hyde earlier and no matter how much fighting I did sticking to a single target I would just get destroyed, I feel matches like that would be much easier as Kraken or even Wraith. So at least when it comes to goliath I feel extremely pressured to get stage 3 and hunt down sloth/CD reduction before I try to do anything.


I have to admit, that is a pretty cool idea. I doubt it will change the way coward monsters play. I haven’t really encountered cowardly monsters after release of 5.0. It’s the way some people play and if they are forced to do a certain thing to evolve to S3, Its possible they wouldn’t like it and would leave the game. Idk
you can’t really force monsters to play that they have to engage. Again, everybody game different playstyles. But not getting any strikes before 3 is a bad idea unless you couldn’t get any during S1/S2 fights.
Like Wraith, Decoy Spammers will wait until it has done a good amount of damage on any hunter before the player will strike themselves. It won’t just happen and then will make the game go overtime to 30-40+ mins.
You gotta play aggressive, but also be smart. You can’t just go all out on Medic or Support and get them easily down, unless they screw up and be out of LoS too long.

As one of the “cowardly monsters” you’re talking about, who refuses to play the way public Hunters want me to and just let them rip me to pieces before I’m strong enough to take them on (and then a little too often has to listen to them whining in the lobby afterwards), usually while the Hunters themselves are pulling cheesy moves like standing Lazarus outside each dome, may I suggest that you try playing Arena mode, as Hunts are clearly not for you.

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[quote=“EmperorJoker21, post:1, topic:68983, full:true”]It just ran around taking armor damage and then spent 6-7 minutes apparently trying to find a new perk.
Another reason to remove stupid wildlife buffs from the game for good.

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If you are the type of monster I’m talking about learn how to fight or play some games as hunters. Monsters are not weak at Stage 2. If you think you can’t fight at Stage 2 do yourself a favor and stop playing monster because you aren’t good.

As for how to deal with the Laz waiting outside to dome: don’t camp the body AT ALL. Damage as many hunters as much as you can. Then when Laz does come in kill him or kill him when you down the trapper or kill everyone BUT HIM…and then kill him. Laz is only effective against bad monsters. Really

If I accomplish my goal of defeating and killing the hunters by avoiding damage and reaching stage 3 then that is exactly how I will do it. I am going to accomplish MY goal MY way, and not the way YOU approve of.

You have balls dude, seriously. You come in here and call people cowards. But clearly you have no problem when shit gets handed to you in a silver platter. Monsters have a disadvantage at stage 1 and 2. The fact that you want to force them to fight you at a S1 and S2 and that fact that you are fine with instant dome tells me that YOU are the coward that is afraid of a fair challenge and instead wants to win easy mode.


Yeah, I don’t think you realise how difficult some comps are to deal with if you don’t pick your moments correctly, and engaging the Hunters on their terms is a stupid idea that will, more often than not, cost you games. So, just imagine how much of an indirect nerf it would be to monsters to force fights in order to allow them to evolve to S3.

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I wouldn’t call it cheesy, it’s just that if the team does good kiting it may get annoying - not being able to land enough hits on hunters between his healbursts as Goliath drives me nuts sometimes.

I think the main point in here is that hunters and monsters want to have fun. When a good team traps a monster, let’s say stage two full armor and it decides to avoid the fight in the dome, then of course, that’s not going to be fun for the hunters and they will get upset about it because the monster has the capacity to put a fight and get some strikes, I think that’s what hunter players don’t like. When you see a monster that hasn’t even tried to do damage, then it’s all a chasing game, boring.

But in the monster’s point of view, they want to rush to stage three avoiding fights so they can have more chances of winning and winning= happy and that’s perfectly fine, even though rushing to stage three and avoiding fights in the domes doesn’t really guarantee you a victory in my opinion, but it gives the monsters more confidence and most of the time they can pull it off. Also, just by seeing the hunters in the team( like Elite Slim+ Elite Hank) some monsters decide to use the running strategy because they believe the fight won’t be worth it in stage one or two and that’s a normal thing to do.

As a hunter player, I just want to fight as much as possible. Winning? That’s awesome! Losing? Well, at least the fight was close and it was fun for both sides! Now that’s how I would like the matches to be and I think that’s what the patch wanted to implement, closer fights and more fun! So yeah, I’m just expressing how I would like my matches to be. I don’t want to be that kind of player who tells monster players what they should do or what they shouldn’t do, but I’m asking for both sides to be more sympathetic towards each other.


Btw, I see some users are too upset in here, please calm down and keep the discussion civil and friendly :smile:

While I feel your pain there is another thread going strong at the moment regarding hunters which just camp the relay after the evolve to S2 dome. So anything which helps hunters camp and forces monsters to attack a fortified position can’t work. Agree though that both sides should be incentivised to fight.

This is a good analysis of what the parties are thinking.

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Why I stopped playing evolve for a bit lmao not spending 20+ minutes playing cat and mouse just to have the timer run

As a playstyle rule, I like to fight the hunters pseudo-frequently, but I play hunter sometimes, and it’s life-suckingly annoying to play the running simulator. I try to get full armor and fight S1, if I’m struggling to get any progress at all, then I’ll try to dodge around until the dome drops. Get a quick S2, fight again, if I’m still struggling to get any progress, then I know S3 really won’t do anything, and I just forfeit by fighting it out and trying to figure out how to overcome whatever very powerful comp they have.

With the emergence of a very powerful Jack-Sunny-and-pals comp that basically nothing can be done S1, so I just flee. I won’t fight S2 either, unless I’m fully armored up, because getting a strike against that comp takes an enormous amount of effort.

While I don’t speak for all monsters, I figure a good number of us fear Jack-Sunny, and will flee rather than uselessly fight and get no progress. But if you play a weaker comp, then the monster player can actually play the game as well, and get strikes while you get health damage.

As a Goliath main, I’m also desperate and angry when I get matched against an insanely hyper-defensive comp. It literally feels like it’s impossible to do anything, like playing Trapper against the CC-immune Kraken, except you can’t even switch to your gun to put on damage.


But because Hunters are using impossible-to-break comps it’s no fun for Monsters, so S3 would be a somewhat chance to even try to break it. I just wish people would tone it down… While the hunters are having fun, the Monster isn’t.
wishing people could try new comps like Val, Cabot, Crow, Markov
you still still lose health but will know you can actually get strikes on them.

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This basically. When I encounter certain comps I have to go into mitigate mode if I want to survive to S3 with enough health to stand a chance. This “cowardly monster” gameplay has always been around, but the current balance means that it is no longer a choice but a necessity.

I agree it sucks. As a monster player I want to FIGHT. Against pubs I always do. Against premades I test their skill in the first dome and if I’m having trouble I go full mitigate.

le sigh You hath not playeth Kraken recently. Not to get off topic but there is so much Kraken disinformation I feel someone has to speak up. Every trapper except for Griffin has pretty nasty CC against Kraken these days.

  • Maggie’s traps are ridonkulous. They pull you down almost instantly and are completely random when they go off.
  • Abe’s stasis grenades are the worst. If you touch the ground for even a moment within a stasis field you will get punished hard. The Kraken can barely take a step while in his stasis! They also pull you down reasonably fast if you stay in their range. You have to burn traversals to get out of them, so if you happen to be out of traversals you are screwed.
  • Griffin is the weakest as long as you are aware of him and ready to break the poon as soon as it lands.
  • Crow has the same effect as Abe as long as they can land charged shots, with the added bonus that they are inescapable!
  • Jack denies AS and with mastery you can burn through all of your traversals and STILL be blocked

Not to burst the your bubble, but Laz is by no means only good against bad monsters. Laz is effective against any monster you just have to know what you are doing and have a team who is willing to back you when it’s needed, that’s like saying Lennox is only truly effective against bad monsters because they don’t stop her from meleeing them. There is no need to be mean towards other players even if you disagree with their play style, we have enough toxicity issues in this community we don’t need to worsen it on the forums, if you have a monster who isn’t going to fight you than you can either take the pretty much free win or leave the game, there isn’t anything you’re going to be able to do to force them to play the way you want them to. As annoying as it is to deal with it’s just something you have to do, people play different and right now the Flee-2-3 strat is pretty much what’s the meta so it’s what’s most used, I’m sure that will change within the next update it usually does.


I have played Wraith and Kraken since the start, with Wraith I did the Flee till 3. After this patch I’ll engage at 2 with full armor and if I don’t kill them Evolve and go for the generator. With Kraken I sometimes need to engage at Stage 1. You cannot be upset at players that have different strats than you. Like camping in COD everyone hates it but it’s not going away so you might as well deal with it and learn to defeat it. If your team can’t find a Monster and Dome at 1 or even 2 then you have a bad trapper