This challenge has effectively ruined the game for me. Temporarily. You have made me feel useless


I woke up today and checked the forums before doing anything else. I always hope to read that you guys have given us even a WINDOW of when the title update will be. But the first thing I read is the Laz VS Kraken thread title and I just laugh to myself because I honestly thought it was a joke. Too bad it wasn’t. I voice my negative opinion of the challenge and go on about my day.

Hours go by and I decide that I will hop on for a few games before the weekend starts and the server is flooded with Krakens. First game is a Kraken and a Laz. I pick Griffin (even though I was queued to play Monster because I wanted to inject some Goliath in the game) and dome Kraken right after he Evolves. I remember MacMan saying that Kraken can be pulled down when he is not casting abilities. I harpoon and he doesn’t drop an inch. He flies around the dome with no armor and minimal health damage. I harpoon him again and again and again. He is never affected by it because he is always casting and when he isn’t casting I still don’t see him being pulled down. We lose this game because 1/4 of the team was essentially useless.

Last night before the challenge was announced I played Support multiple times because I got so tired of feeling USELESS against the Monster that kept appearing. Trapper is what I love most! Especially using any type of harpoon because I enjoy the feeling of securing damage and opportunities for my team. I adore watching a Goliath attempt to Leap Smash my medic but getting caught mid air by a Harpoon Mine. Maggie is my Lady Luck!

Kraken has been broken for 5 weeks! That is more than a third of the time since the games release. You said you weren’t going to rush and fix the Reload Speed because it isn’t game breaking. But Kraken is! It isn’t like you don’t know how to fix it either. You guys know where you messed up! The game is barely 4v1 anymore! I did 16000 damage against a Kraken that never hit Stage 3 because I gave up on Harpoon Mines and focused on my machine pistol. I don’t even lose all of the matches I just don’t enjoy it.

5 weeks since the First/Last Title update and NO clues as to when we will get another. I was so mad when I found out that the first update was releasing with T4 because it made me believe you guys were holding back the update and because it meant that our freshly balanced game would immediately be polluted by new characters that would need balancing. I even made a thread about it and most of the responses said “They have tested the characters! They won’t be unbalanced!” But they were. If T5 and the title update come out at the same time I am probably going to quit. It would prove to me and possibly only me that these very important fixes are being held back so you can sell us new stuff.

TL;DR I feel useless as a Trapper VS Kraken. Laz V Krak was senseless. Kraken should be a priority fix even if that means just patching him and nothing else. If T5 and the Title Update come out at the same time you will lose me.

Weekend Challenge: Lazarus vs Kraken [Kraken wins! - Voodoo Skin is Live!]

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Weekend Challenge: Lazarus vs Kraken [Kraken wins! - Voodoo Skin is Live!]