Third Person Mode for the hunters


I think this will be great for the next patch


Oh man, if they did that I dont think I could play ;W;
I love first person ;_;


No, Hunters are meant to be 1st person, itd be unfair if they could spot a monster sneaking up on them, and plants would never catch a hunter off guard since theyd be so obvious


As neat as it would be, have to agree with Quirkly.


Yeah Quirkly pretty much explains it all. It’d be a serious hunter buff.


Umm OK but it would be cool if they do it 4 private session & offline so we can change it 2 first Person or third person b4 the match start


Like in GTA V or something


lets be honest some ppl do great on 3rd person and some do horribly in 3rd compared to 1st, soo, im conflicted lol this is a hunter nerf ^.^ soo ok im on board