Third Monster Deduced! (As much as I can ^_^)


I made this for fun, and I hope that’s the mindset that you take into account
when reading. Also this is going to be really long-winded, so prepare yourself.
Let’s begin.


With thinking about the Alpha non-stop for a little over a
week now, I’ve been enthralled with thinking about what the third monster could
be, and in the process I might’ve come up with a concept that I think is

First, let’s take a look at the two monsters that have
already been revealed, The mighty Goliath and the unnerving Kraken.



Goliath is a close-quarters combatant whose abilities
revolve around getting him back into the thick of the conflict and dealing as much
melee and AOE damage as possible.


I’d like to use an old gaming convention in traditional RPG
roles and describe the 3 monsters by the 3 most varied and widely used RPG
professions: Warrior, Mage, and Thief. These roles are often lumped together
because they represent vastly different ways to approach damage dealing, and
all 3 cover a wide array of Fantasies that people can fulfill by playing the
one that suits them.

With that in mind,
Goliath would be closest to the “Warrior” archetype.



Type of Monster:

Godzilla/King Kong

Turtle Rock have stated that they’ve taken inspiration from
famous movie monsters such as Godzilla and King Kong, and it shows the most
heavily in Goliath. The creature moves in a very ape-like manner, swinging his
massive arms when it walks and jumping around like an Orangutan playing a game
of “The Floor is Lava.”


Godzilla’s influence 
appears simply by looking at the monster’s scaly, generally reptilian
skin and features, as well as it’s ability to spew flames from its mouth at
anything that looks in its direction.


Hitting two birds with one stone throw.

Aside: They’ve also mentioned Avatar when discussing how they
designed Goliath, but I’d say that’s not as well established of a category of



Kraken stands in stark contrast to Goliath in almost
every aspect. It’s abilities focus much more on range, keeping the hunters away
through flight and knock back, while dealing heavy AOE Spell damage.

Again, in gaming tradition, Kraken has been referred to
several times as a “Wizard”, or in our case, the “Mage” of the group.



Type of Monster:


H.P. Lovecraft has inspired some of the coolest ideas when
it comes to monster design, and the design of the Kraken is definitely showing
the marks of a Cthulhu-esque Eldritch God. His face is a drapery of tentacles
covering a slack, hanging jaw lined with razor sharp teeth.


His lightning attacks have a mysterious black goop flowing
from the points of contact, and Kraken’s pre-evolve spasm fest has him popping
in and out of nightmarish boils that convulse all over his body. Lovely.

With all these points in mind, let us begin to construct the
Third Monster.

The Third Monster:

First, I’d like to point to a couple posts made by Turtle
Rock’s own community manager, @damjess.

Pretty innocent right? Jess admits that she’s still not too
hot with Goliath even though she’s had the opportunity to play him. This isn’t intended
to be a stab at Jess as much as a leaping off point, because a message that
followed days later made the first much more valuable.

Hmmm… So that means that Jess has made it known that she’s
not proficient with Goliath, nor is she proficient with the third monster, and each of the three is vastly different in gameplay styles.

And yet, she’s made no mention of being terrible with
Kraken. That means we’re going to assume that she considers herself the most
proficient with Kraken, and understands how to utilize his strengths and
weaknesses efficiently.

With only two monsters, one being melee and one being
ranged, and with a Dev saying they’re bad with the melee monster as well as the
third monster, we’re going to assume the most basic elements are connected and
assume that the third monster will be, to some extent, melee focused.

In our analogy, the remaining class to be filled is “Thief”.


Thief is, more often than not, a melee or melee/ranged hybrid character proficient in
stealth, a physical caster who mixes abilities, strong melee attacks and
backstabs, while trying to remain out of the firing range of enemies. They are
often frail, relying on their deception and dexterity to avoid the majority of
the damage thrown at them. They’re also proficient in taking down a group one
member at a time, doing huge burst damage or causing status effects to remove
threats piece by piece.

That, ladies and gentleman, is what we’re basing the third
monster off of. A thief. A Deceitful, devious devil that drags hunters to their
doom. We’ll just start calling him “Thief.”

Let the heavy speculation commence:

As is mentioned from Jess’s post, each of the monsters is
vastly different, switching between them feeling like switching between three
different games entirely. That also supports the Thief theory, because as of
now, the two monsters play styles can be boiled down to “I come to you and
hit you with my fists” and “I keep you away and hit you with my
spells”. But how about “Hit me if you can, if you’re or your buddies
aren’t kidnapped or dead… Isolate, and devour.”


A few stealth mechanics that are being talked about for a
stealth based monster are interesting, but let’s look into them more deeply.

Stealth Mechanics:


Burrowing was actually implemented into an earlier iteration
of the game, as an ability for Goliath. The folks at Turtle Rock said that it
was removed because it "Burrow was strictly defensive. You could use it to
ambush, but once we’re in combat and we have line-of-sight on you, you can
never burrow again. Because if you burrow right in front of us, then you’re not
going to trick us.”

To add on to that, becoming completely invulnerable while
underground seems like a pretty unfun mechanic for anyone playing against it,
so while they may re-implement burrow on Thief, we’re going to assume they won’t
as their reasoning wasn’t exclusive to Goliath, it was more tied to the game play associated.


Next, the cloak. Several of the characters already use some
form of cloak, and it is shown to be effective, at least as a
monster staring at tiny, invisible humans.


I think this mechanic may transfer
well onto a monster, but they’re going to have to make the cloak pretty dang
effective if they keep Thief to the same size as the other two monsters. As the
monster will take up more line of sight, it’d be much easier to see when any
part of the cloak distorts what should be behind it. I think that cloak could
be used to an extent, but I think it would only work for a very short time.
Which leads me into the last idea.


Lastly, I’ve heard talk of a blink ability, being able to
instantly transport from one area to another, whereupon you can take advantage
of a vulnerable position or hunter that’s caught out. This, I think, is much
more workable than the other two abilities, being much more reliant on
increased mobility and tactics, as well as having counter play against it.

My version of something that would work very well would be a mid range blink that
would grant damage resistance as well as a very short stealth, to allow you to
get into range of the hunter you want to target.

Speculative Abilities:

Ability 1:

As previously mentioned, some form of stealth coupled with mobility is probably preffered.

Ability 2:

An ability that would mesh well with the first would be
something to take advantage of either a backstab mechanic, or an
attack-from-cloak mechanic, both of which would have far increased damage, or even scaling damage based on the target’s missing health. This
would also put the monster into dangerous position after the damage is dealt,
so he would receive a fair amount for doing it.

Ability 3:

Another ability that would mesh well with a stealth based,
blinkey play style would be a missile-based Silence or Stun. This would allow
the monster to choose a Hunter that they’re not particularly fond of, and
remove them from combat for a short duration. This would allow the hit and run,
stealthy game play to work in picking targets to isolate while removing other
threats until they can be dealt with.

Before the last ability, let’s look at the oddball abilities
for the two revealed monsters. Goliath has Rock Throw, a ranged ability that
does nothing for his main game play style outside of doing damage. It doesn’t
get him closer to the enemy. Kraken has Aftershock, which is a very close
ranged AOE ability for a long ranged caster. Both these abilities seem to be
“Last Ditch” abilities, which allow a monster to not be completely
locked into one play style and can be used in a desperate attempt to handle
situations they’re not meant to be in.

Ability 4:

In that same vein, the final ability for Thief is the truest
to his namesake, a sneaky, underhanded ability; he steals hunters from their
teammates through some form of displacement. My initial thought would be a
scorpion-style grab and pull, dragging the hunter from their teammates,
combined with either increased movement speed and the ability to drag them with
you, or just throw them at the end of the initial drag. Another useful element would be a damage steroid on the affected party, a sort of “grievous wounds” effect where you can easily devour the person that you’ve dragged away from their friends and family.

This could help in ambushes, it could help to further isolate already isolated hunters. It could
remove threats from a fight.

And thus, let’s summarize the monster that we’ve come up



A stealth based, frail, hard hitting melee character
that relies on using abilities to stealth in and out of combat, and dismantle
teams one piece at a time.

Ability 1: Blink/Stealth

Ability 2: High damage nuke

Ability 3: Debilitating Status Effect

Ability 4: Displacement Effect

Type of Monster:

Creepy Crawly

The aesthetics of the monster are very important, and I
think that the most major monster archetype that they haven’t hit on, that
would also mesh well with the abilities listed above, is what I’d call the
Creepy Crawly.


Insectoid and Arachnid forms as a baseline would be
interesting, as insects are very adept at camouflage and Arachnids are very
well known for being tricky with their webs and traps.

So that’s what we ended up with for our third monster. A thief
type creepy crawly that revolves on splitting a team of hunters up through
disability, displacement and burst damage.

Alright, well I’ll see how people respond to this, and
see how many even finished the whole thing xD Thanks for your time, and let’s keep the discussions going.

Peace out!


As I recall the mods also said that burrowing was a lot more fun when the monster could burrow and move. Obviously Goliath no longer has this ability, but if they were thinking that it was fun in this new role, might they have given it to another monster? I seem to recall them playing coy when this was pointed out.

Holy cow you guys read fast, and yes that very well could be a possibility. Like I said, I only discounted it because at the time, it seemed like they weren’t a fan of it.

Another typical thief ability (well maybe more Assassin) is poison. Damage over time is not something we have seen much of. I think there is a high chance of some of that (to a greater extent than Goliaths flame breath) and a thief/spider archetype could suit it.

More that suggests the third monster might burrow:

  • The Mobile Arena is a full sphere, meaning it can go underground too. This would stop a burrowing monster escaping.

  • Griffin’s Harpoon Gun beam can go through objects (notice how in the interactive trailer is passes through a tree). This (theoretically) would make it able to go underground to catch a burrowing monster.

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This thread is much more enjoyable than the DLC thread. I think I’ll stay here for a bit. :smiley:


I do like the idea of a DOT on a hit and run style character, but I’m not sure that it would in fact be more valuable than a displacement coupled with a blink and throw, because removing someone’s damage and abilities from a fight entirely seems more valuable than doing a DOT and then blinking away. That sounds overpowered, now that I’ve typed it out xD I just thought it meshed with the character idea pretty well and was unlike stuff we’ve seen so far.

The second I look at this thread, I see that horrifying nightmare fuel ninja turtle picture at the top… At first I thought that was gonna be your idea for the third monster. It kinda looks scarier than the other monsters :wink:

Anyway, I hope Scorpid makes its way back into the game :smiley:

Since the devs like the monsters to have faces similar to what they have now, maybe the lobster body could stay, but the head could be replaced with that ninja turtle.

Dude, you gotta love the turtle. You can’t go wrong with a good turtle xD

Cool stuff man. Can’t wait to see what TRS reveals!

i was thinking of more like a, human formed creature nearly about 6 ft. apart, but drastically change in size, making him a very high and dangerous threat to the team of hunters with VERY HIGH DAMAGE to them, his abilities are alike of these but his cloak will make him a shadow instead of fully invisible so its actually fair for them, he might have sharp metal blades attached to his arms like a man holding a knife, while his fist will be shovel like hands so he can burrow faster :smiley:

What you described reminds me of the guy from The Hidden game mixed with Slenderman xD

xD you got the wrong idea

One interesting weakness of a burrowing monster would be that it’d be really easy to track. I’m assuming it can’t burrow that deep, so anywhere it goes you can see a ridge of disturbed earth, ala Bugs Bunny. Plus, it’d still have to get out of the ground to feed or to climb over obstacles that it can’t burrow under, like cliffs or trees.

I could see a special ability being a sort of burrow strike, though, where it dives into the ground and rapidly burrows to the targeted enemy’s location, then explodes out of the ground underneath them doing AoE damage.

Cool thread, probably accurate speculation too. I imagine an insectoid monster will be added eventually and the first and most common insect monster is some sort of spider. With that in mind, what kind of spider abilities could we fit into your speculated catagories?

ability 1: spin web

While active the spider queen will leave a thick trail of web behind her but can not attack. The webs slow the movement of hunters by X% and hastens the movement of the spider queen by X%. Also allows her to climb up walls as long as she has the webbing active or has previously used the web. Smaller creatures that move into the spider webbing will be immobilized completely

ability 2: inject venom

Bites the target in front of the spider queen causing X amount of impact damage and X% damage over time over 10 seconds. While poisoned the hunter also suffers from slightly blurred vision and reduced accuracy (their crosshair will wobble a bit) The poison is refreshed every time the hunter is attacked.

ability 3: cocoon

Launch a large stream of webbing out in front of the spider queen that will cocoon the first target it hits in sticky webbing. The webbed target is stunned for 10 seconds but the stun time can be shortened if a teammate comes to help the player out of the web (takes about 3 seconds to help someone out, stops on taking direct damage)

ability 4: leap

This ability does no damage but has a shorter cooldown and longer range then goliaths leap. Spin web automatically activates while leaping so that the spider queen may leave trails of web and attach to walls or trees she leaps into.

a few unique properties of the spider queen:

She has two unique pounce attacks.

  1. If spin web is active her regular pounce attack (that all monsters have) will begin to encase the target in web instead. When fully encased she may devour them completely for an instant kill. As opposed to normal monsters pounce the cocooning would be a little bit longer than the time it would regularly take to incap someone, but draining their body for an instant kill would be a bit quicker than the other monsters consuming an incapped hunter.

  2. If spin web is not active she will inject the hunter with spiderlings. The affected hunter will slowly become disoriented over the next few minutes. After 3 minutes the hunters stomach will burst into a swarm of baby spiders and the hunter will also become incapacitated.

  3. she can inject baby spiderlings into wildlife by hitting the wild life by using her pounce attack on them as well. If she doesn’t kill it the wildlife will begin to host the spiderlings and after a minute will explode into a swarm of them. If the hunters kill the wildlife first it will spawn less spiderlings.

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What about an under water experience? An under water monster and the hunters have to put on some special suits and go swimming. You could play with some swimming/floating dynamics, different movement speeds etc… That would be a DLC I would buy for sure.

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I think the OP is probably pretty close, he kind of describes what I’ve been thinking the last monster will be like as well.


One thing I note about monster appearance: there have been rumors floating around for some time now that in the game’s backstory the monsters are not native to Shear, but in fact are an invasive species. Moreover, they are related to one another in some way, subspecies within a class.

At the very least both of the monsters so far have had a humanoid build with a tail and leathery/scaly skin. I expect that pattern to continue.

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Would read again…

I’d hope that the focus is variation without some irrelevant backstory restricting how unique the monsters are able to be