Thinking of coming back to Shear [PS4]

So, it’s been at least a year (if not close) since I’ve actually sat and played a game of hunt.
I’m making this post, to see if there’s people out there that play on console [ps4] and wanna give it a go!


(I moved the topic to Looking for Group, as well as putting your platform in the title :wink:)

Welcome Back!

I’m sure some people here will want to play some games with you. Unfortunately I only have it on PC.


I’m trying to put my old friends back in Evolve but it’s kinda difficult. If you don’t care about not using the mic (since me and my friends are french) maybe we could group up sometimes if we manage to be in a group of 4 or 5.
Also I don’t require you to be really good at Evolve, just know the basics and that’s enough, but I no longer train people on Evolve. It takes to much time. Also having a good spirit and positive attitude is required ^^

PSN ID : Eos2014
Please add a message to say you came from this forum, thanks =)

Oh I don’t need any training lol. I’ve played since the closed technical test all the way until they started to work on stage 2. I just stopped playing, and I don’t need a mic so that’s no worries. We can play sometime. @Eos2014

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Haha shear water is dirtyyy

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Daisy!! You know I’m on weekley, and they’ll have to force me off shear by closing the servers! I’ll be on till they’re done, and around during my stream schedule, so let me know if you wanna get some games in!!!

I’d love to join you, I got the Ultimate Edition on PS4 2 Christmases ago but didn’t play much since I much prefered the controls of the PC version. I’d be good to game whenever, send a PSN invite to TheRoboSensei

God will have to force me off. I’ll be playing Evolve in heaven.