Thinking Evolve's DLC is bad?

…Watch the first 9 minutes of this video.

I’m not directing hate at anyone or anything… Just highlighting that there are worse DLC distributors out there. I’m just sick of people claiming ‘Day 1 DLC’ when they have no idea what they are talking about, including some Media sites. I think it all boils down to the fact that DLC was announced on Day 1, the game was barely born and a $15 Monster was announced… Though it wasn’t in the game, downloadable, or playable, or even buyable to some people yet. People just descended on it for no clear reason, since many other games distribute their DLCs in the same and similiar ways.

I agree, I’ve read everything about the supposed ‘predatory DLC’ content but I have yet to see anything all that different than how other games distribute their downloadable content. City of Heroes, to give an example, has tons of DLC that you have to buy with points you get by either buying them directly or buying prepaid cards.

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I think this is a knee-jerk reaction from gaming critics. I think day-one DLC is underhanded, but in this case, the content was not cut last minute, IT DOESNT EXIST! The 4 new hunters and Behemoth are not ready for release. They are probably covered in bugs, missing skins, missing animations, and completely unbalanced. As for the skins, uuuh ever heard of a little title called League of Legends? Theyve been charging for skins for a long-ass time, and nobody says “boo.” And Riot Games is not the only one. There is nothing wrong with charging money for cosmetic changes to your game. League also charges about $15 for new characters, and nobody complains. Yes, League is free to play and doesnt charge $60 upfront, but Evolve was probably alot more expensive to develop, and developers need that day-one revenue to pay employees and improve the game.

These are reactions to people resisting the natural change of gaming in general. These are people that feel in order to have the full game they must buy every little piece offered as DLC. I sincerely hope that anyone who buys Train Simulator thinks they have to buy all that DLC to get the “Full Game”. These are mostly cosmetic options, which thanks to the F2P and mobile markets, that have no effect on gameplay but can help pad the bottom line. All the rest of the DLC is priced appropriately and is nothing egregious given the current DLC models in play.

I’m fine with day one cosmetic dlc and I honestly didn’t understand why people got so up in arms, but the dlc itself I don’t like, one is just a blue gun, another is a browny orange gun, a kraken skin is literally a slightly different shade of blue to krakens default, many of these skins could have been included in a colour slider and didn’t need to be charged dlc, the other problem is that its currently common place for AAA mulitplayer games to have unlockable cosmetic options, gears of war, halo, COD, nba2k15, dbz xenoverse, borderlands, are games that have them as unlockables and some of those games sell them too, I think people are upset because the standard of cosmetic dlc and cosmetic unlockables was dropped so much in comparison to other AAA titles but yes day one cosmetic dlc is fine and it gives the art team something to do in those last couple of months which is good for the industry and saves a few people from being layed off due to a lack of work

This may be going off topic a tad, but another reason for day one dlc and day one patches is due to the game that was shipped was the game given to the ESRB to rate. Any other changes to the game have to be done in post, like fixing some messed up stuff or adding a few extra cosmetic options; All those have to be managed under ‘post release’ or they would have to resubmit the game again and that could put them months behind the intended release date.

Agreed the cosmetics suck. I’d rather the hunters themselves actually get modified (a la Team Fortress 2), rather than some ultra obscure skin modification to a gun. Monster skins are barely discernable at all, but is at least slightly more visible than Hunter skins…

Charging for these skins is ridiculous. If there were more discernible changes, then maybe, but it’s pretty worthless currently.

Yeah if they call them hunter skins then they should apply to the whole hunter not just the guns, that’s kinda lazy

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