Thinking about the season pass


What does everyone think of the season pass? Before the game was released, I thought the pass would include the 4 hunters and a monster, not just the hunters. I didn’t read up on what was included until I told someone that I was going to buy it when I get paid, and that’s when they said it’s only the hunters.

Now I’m pro monster, I bought this game for the fun monster play, and so I find it hard justifying buying the season pass for the hunters. Only one way I’d change my mind, and that’s if the hunters are bad ass.

I’ll just wait til spring to see what’s what.


Yeah, it shouldn’t have been called the “hunting season pass”, it is misleading. I think lots will be like you, they’ll want monsters but not hunters, and others like me will want hunters and not monsters. But I think TRS and 2K know this really.


Eh, the only reason I have the season pass was because I got it bundled with the game for $35. Otherwise, 4 hunters and the same skin for each monster is pretty meh, tbh. Not including the Behemoth at the very least was a stupid idea, especially since they announced it within a week(possibly before?) the games launch. I would honestly wait if I were you, see if the hunters look appealing.

Then again, I’d tell everyone to wait because the game is broken and peoples progress is getting reset…like mine…sobs silently


Can’t please everyone, and what do you speak of people getting reset? That is the first I’ve heard of it. I just have 7 more levels to go to reach 40.


Uhhh…just take a look around the forum, you’ll see. Kind of a big issue right now.


i dont want season pass

cuz i dont want to play as hunters.