Thinking about getting a tattoo


Hello everybody!
I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long while now and eventually want to have a half sleeve. I’m moving away next summer and want to get something here before I go. I have a bunch of ideas but, I think I’m going to start with this one.

(Note: this is a little more rough than what I expect of the final. Just made it quickly)

I’ve always been interested in medicine, anatomy, etc. and I’m studying to become a physician (and hopefully a surgeon, eventually). This is why I chose Caduceus. It shows my passion for medicine.

Beside it, I want the quote “The North Remembers”. For those of you who do not know, I’m huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, and have been for many years. This is a small reference to the series.

I intend to have this on my right shoulder. Specifically on my lateral/anterior deltoid and slightly down to my bicep.

I just want to hear what everyone thinks of the idea. I have talked to many friends and family members for their input already. Thanks everyone <3


gonna hurt though


Lol I know… Thanks


and you have to be still for like 15 minutes


Yep. I know how they work. I have friends and family with them and have sat in on people getting them.


if you really want it go for it


The font placement is kind of wonky (I’m sure the artist would find some good font choices to go with it too). I’d probably go with a banner wrapped around it so it has a better flow. Hope that helps!


My suggestion is to find an artist who’s work you really like and schedule a consultation. Give him your ideas and see what he comes up with. A good artist can take your idea and turn it into something amazing.

Also, I suggest keeping that image somewhere you can see it several times everyday. If you don’t get sick of looking at it that is a good sign. :slightly_smiling:

And it doesn’t hurt that bad. :smiling_imp:


I have an artist in mind. He did tattoos on both my parents and they were really well done. I plan on seeing him in the coming weeks and just throwing my ideas at him. I made the picture my screensaver on my phone and laptop and I printed it out to put it on my mirror, also. I’ll see it basically every second of the day.

@calmsong Yeah I made it in about 10 minutes just to get the raw feel of it. The font isn’t exactly what I want.
I didn’t actually consider banner wrapping, but now that you say it, it sounds like a great idea. Thanks!!


Sounds like you are all set! Be sure to update us when you get it!


Ahah I will!! It won’t be for a little while though.


best of luck! Post it when you finally get it! Or maybe you can start the tattoo thread altogether?


Like a central thread for everyone to post their tattoos? I thought that was already a thing XD


Woops, you’re definitely right. Don’t think I’ve seen it bumped in a while though so I guess you’ll be the first to update it?


reminds me when i used to draw tattoos for friends in highschool. they would ask for something, me or another friend would draw it and they would get it inked. did some sweet ones like a zombie teddy bear for one friend and a nice tribal design for another. lol.


Probably. It’ll be a little while. I want to sit on the design once it’s fully complete to make sure it’s what I want.


I have several friends with tattos that they regret. These tend to be ones that reference something.
Song lyrics, famous quotes, biblical passages and book references/quotes.

What I’m saying is you may love GOT now but that may not last. The medical thing is personal and means something to you and reflects you and your life. The GOT is just a line from a book.

But I’m just a guy on the internet. If that’s what you want then I can’t stop you. Just giving you my thoughts. You don’t want a regret burnt onto your body FOREVER.


The thing is, it has to be “big”.
With time, it will lose some detail. The lower part of your preview will be one big square in a few years and if you have, or want, small letters, they will become blurry and might turn into squares aswell.
In terms of motive, the only person who should decide the motive is you and you only.
Artists might add something to it, put some detail into it but in the end, it’s your body, go for whatever it is.
Don’t listen to people who say “Do it” or “Don’t do it” - get a sketch done, print it out, put it somewhere where you can see it everyday until you feel your decision

Well, that’s not right, but it’s not wrong either. It depends on the person. I had no pain on any of my sessions


are you made of steel


No, but it felt like scratching to me