Think I found the problem with Wraith


This’ll go over well I’m sure…hoo boy…

The problem is Supernova. Hold up, come back, stop typing your response right now. Let me elaborate first. I recently have played a number of games without skilling supernova beyond 1 or at all. And in doing so I felt pretty balanced and most definitely felt like an assassin(her concept). While skilling Supernova to 3, I felt very overpowered and didn’t feel like an assassin at all. I felt like a Berserker(not the concept at all, closer to Goliath but not really him either).

Knowing this, I think it’s better that Supernova is removed and replaced with something else. Maybe even separating invis from Decoy and allowing you to fight alongside your decoy and using the invis to escape/ambush, giving the invis a longish cooldown with a short duration. Of course you could just come up with a new skill altogether like keeping the supernova cloud and rather than having it act like a steroid for you, it slows hunters/wildlife inside of it. Something that just feels more assassin and less brute.

Other than this, I think her Warp Bomb damage and/or scaling needs to come up a little bit more(maybe even just increase the aoe size for max damage if you’ve separated these things), and her abduction hitboxes tightened(seems to be vertical grab starting at the center of your circle and going down probably the length of your body, which is awkward when your targeting reticule doesn’t match up with the attack itself). Other than that she seems pretty ok to me…maybe decoy needs another second or two cooldown but that’s it due to how quickly it can come out with cooldown reduction perk+buff…of course you could always go the route of making perks/buffs not stack and just use the higher one…for everyone…


But i’ve never seen anyone just leaving from the Supernova mini-arena.
Supernova is dodge-able.If you jetpack 2 times away you are out of the radius of Supernova.People don’t do it tho.

What i’m saying Supernova can be countered.But people don’t do it :confused:


starts to defend Wraith, notices this idea isn’t half bad

I’m cool with that. Maybe a pouncelike ability to combo off of abduction. Less aoe focused more single target.

Edit: In fact, why not make decoy stay out, but drastically reduce it’s damage, just more of a knockback as well as take out supernova. I love supernova, but I kind of want to see a more highly dangerous single target monster than a “nice dome you got there, let me show you MINE tears all hunters to shreds” I’m happy with it staying and being replaced


kinda hard to do when your being supernova’d


If you see the nova before Wraith actually gets to you, yes, it is “easy” to escape from. However, she can also pull you back into it and you won’t have enough jetpack fuel to escape it again. And besides, like I said, I’m much more concerned with the concept of Supernova rather than the damage output of it.


I really want to agree with this idea. 95% of the time I don’t take supernova as an ability. I just plain don’t like it. The issue that against really good teams and certain team compositions, you have to have an ability that functions similar to supernova. When you face a team that has maggie and markov, and the whole team is huddled around traps and mines, you have to have some way of a big AOE punish to deter that.


Or just abduct them ;p

Though Warp Bomb is supposed to be your aoe…


Hi again! Anyways, WiBaKi is right. Supernova is easily countered by avoiding the cloud. Plus, you can’t get knocked around during Supernova, so you can easily walk out of it. For getting abducted back into it? Yeah, I had it happen to me a few times, but hunters can still avoid it by maneuvering around the rocks and side-stepping. It might take some luck of location and practice, but I’ve been able to avoid it for the most part.


Thing is though, all of Wraith’s abilities cooldown faster than your jetpack recharges. So if she fails to get you once, she WILL get you the next time. but this isn’t really about the balance of Supernova.


You can’t abduct against a maggie that knows how to place traps. You’ll grab someone, get hit by the trap, then stop 10 meters away from the hunters, a sitting duck for assault. I love abduction, it’s why I Wraith is my favorite monster, but using it against prepared competent hunters will get you killed.


Plus every character, Hunter or Monster, has to have some advantages against the opposite side. I don’t see anyone complaining that they can’t escape a Trapper’s dome or they can’t see a cloaked Support.


That 20m(not 10) is far enough to separate them from the group and get them into a panic.


What I hate about Wraith is that it’s so difficult to get away from her, if goliath is focusing me, I just get thrown back, dodge up and get on an elevated platform. If Kraken is focusing me I just leave his line of sight.

Wraith however, despite getting thrown back she moves as fast as I fly, faster if she warps and it means I can’t escape her. I have literally been thrown off a tall pillar then used 4 dodges in a row and she was still right behind me, it’s just silly.

Anyway, about supernova, I like it’s concept. After using decoy, blast and abduct to separate the hunters you can finally unleash your wra(i)th on a single player, constantly throwing them off their feet but not away from you, it also can kill downed hunters pretty quickly and the pounce gives them about 5 seconds to live. In practise though Wraith can just warp in, go supernova and murder some so sod who was dumb enough to get beside a wall. Sure you might have lost some health but the hunter team has effectively lost a quarter of their HP. I think supernova needs to be A LOT more punishable, maybe the Wraith takes extra damage while in the cloud?


Supernova may be the most healthy part of her kit in terms of frustration - its one of the only times one can hit a good Wraith.

I think there needs to be some time where it is exposed, and Supernova more or less fits the bill.

Now, I would like it if damage was distributed more along other skills rather than Supernova being the bulk of Wraith burst damage.


But you have to remember her specialty is speed. Just like Behemoth’s weakness is gonna be his slowness, the Wraith’s strength is her speed and mobility.


Supernova is not a guaranteed time to hit the wraith. Let me disillusion this. You can Supernova->Decoy and the Decoy will have Supernova and be getting “obliterated” by the team while you maneuver around and immediately Supernova again if you want, or just hide and wait to do it again in like 5 seconds.


I think super nova needs to be tuned down.

The fact you cant build a wraith without it suggests its not an internally balanced monster. Ive been trying to avoid using it for the sake of experimentation. everytime i dont take nova i get face rolled because the other abilities arent up to par.

Any of krakens abilities at level 3 can one hit a 2x incapped hunter. Kraken is also internally balanced because you can max out three skills and be just as effective with those three skills as you could with any combination of 3/4.

The same goes for goliath. All his skills can drop a 2x incaped hunter in one cooldown. and you can use any combination of 3 maxed skills.

So, i agree i think nova needs a reworking. It doesnt fit wraith’s kit well either. If decoy didnt vanish every time i reappear it would be a decent ability.

You could always change nova to fit wraiths kit (of light bending/manipulation) by making it pulse a bright hot white that does some damage over the duration (in pulses). this also fits the disorienting aspect of wraith.

Decoy almost destroys wraiths internal ability synergy simply by it not existing when you do. if you could coexist with decoy it would give wraith the ability to replace the ‘in your face’ reliance to nova and allow for more cohesive build.


Good hunters are not going to panic, and 20 meters is not anywhere near far enough away. Between the Beta and the full game I’ve only lost once as a Wraith. And that’s because I played against 4 excellent hunters( @Plaff, @SlinkyGuy, @Commando_Wraith, and @MeTheBigShow ) while they used the exact strategy I’m describing, and I didn’t have supernova to counter it.


I’m keeping that speed and tricks are her jam and the supernova and the constant smacking of a fleeing target feels out of place, it’s just such a brutish attack. It’s like if the joker ran into the batcave and chased batman around, flailing his arms at him

and won


Does the Joker have scythes with an extra set of arms and no legs and is 3 times Batman’s hight?