Things to improve


Now that the game launched there are still a couple of pathetic design decisions:

-Do not throw me in the middle of a game unless I want to. I just leave anyway.

-Let me see progress of unlocking a new character whenever I want instead of just after a game

-Map design is bad. For future maps make some variation.

-Forcing me to use bad abilites as monsters / do stupid things as hunters to unlock new characters. Why would I follow daisy for thousands of meters when I have a brain and can find monster myself?

-Add a mixed mode option where I can play all modes outside of evacuation.

-If I have something as choise #5 do not make me play as it


I mean why are the maps bad? I feel the maps are strong I can tell them all apart and are all almost fun to play on.


You can see this in the Profile Menu. Select the class you want to view and then scroll over to the hunter’s mastery page. This menu can be opened from many of the menus, even while searching for a game.

This can be done at any time in Custom Games


Do you ever have to adapt to a specific map? No. All maps are nature and rock pillars. No volcano map with lava that insta kills you. No map with big fucking creatures everywhere. No map set in a city. No map where there are cliffs where you die if you fall off. No map differs from eachother other than a little visually.


That’s available in the profile, if you scroll past the leaderboards. Super intuitive, I know. That UI needs some work; why make me scroll through Hank and Bucket to look at Cabot instead of just giving me some friggin tabs?

With you on pretty much all the rest.

Map design gameplay-wise I think is fine, but the lighting and aesthetics could use some work. Aside from major architectural features they all seem really samey, maybe like looking through two different instagram filters depending on the environment. The exception to that is the acid, which is a game-changer.


Custom games I can either play singleplayer or with friends yeah


Well instant deaths would be a really bad idea that would favor the monster to just wait to hit you in.

Well that’s how you feel I think they are all fit the game well, I mean I would take a more city like map. But it could favor the hunters if the monster couldn’t stealth or blend in.


Yes, there are both Custom Multiplayer and Custom Single Player game modes.


-If I have something as choise #5 do not make me play as it

Added this


I will check this…


I am just making ideas that can make maps play differently.


I actually think the maps are very good. I haven’t played anywhere near enough to know for sure but there are all sorts of little subtleties on them. Ambush places, trapper interception paths, places to lose hunters, best places to feed, best places to fight for either side, channels inexperienced monsters will naturally run to etc etc. All this can be used by more experienced players and there is a massive amount to learn to take advantage of it.

A lot of what you suggest is a bad idea. I don’t want the game to be swingy revolving around deadly wildlife. Having cliffs which you fall off and die or deadly lava is a huge, and basic, mistake in pvp games featuring knock back.


I just feel they are already nice for balance. Smart monsters know the maps and good places to lead hunters like lots of water or hiding monsters. Maps all feel different to me.

Not saying they can’t make different or better maps just don’t agree at all that the maps are bad.


The maps are not BAD. They are just THE SAME. All maps play the same. Run around and then fight a random place with some rock pillars and trees


I totally agree with this one. I wish you could choose as many classes as you want in your preferred order.
If someone wants to play any and all classes including monster, then you just put 5 in order.
If someone wants to play 3 classes, you put those 3 in order of preference.
If someone (like me) wants to play just 1 class, you choose that and only get games where you’re guaranteed to play it.
Sure, queue times would be longer with less choices but right now I just enter and leave 3-7 games before I get to play that one class I want to play. That adds up to “plenty of time wasted” as well…


I mean you can feel that way I just haven’t heard that yet. I just don’t feel they look the same I feel they all look nice and different


I will not even try to discuss with you…


I am sorry I don’t agree with you. I get what your saying and I don’t see it that’s all.


I beat teams with a monster and they quit out which shuts the room down and I get nothing.
This needs to be fixed.
Also, if I want to play as a monster then I’m not going to play as hunter, what’s with the one minute timer to start a new search.
It feels like you are trying to force me to play as a hunter…
There should be a choice on hunter or monster then a selection for which class after that as I find myself waiting for the game to load only to find out I’m a hunter.
Then it’s back to square one. Time wasted when I could be playing the game instead of looking at loading screens and timers.
On the plus side, the game is amazen…


Bump to make the devs see this. If this doesnt get added in the first patch I dont understand anything