Things to implement that are crucial for the game

  1. A proper Report System because the “current” takes way too long to get done with (menu-player options-view steamprofile(and pray that you can access it)-report player)). What this game should have is a simple “report player” option in-game, and with a good reason (hacker, troll, afk).

  2. This is the exact same problem that existed in League of Legends for a really fucking long time, so players who played LoL a couple of years ago know about it. When there are 5 players in a lobby and one of them is afk, the game still goes on. This is absolutely fucking horrible! Someone just joins in on a game and doesn’t do shit, but for some reason he won’t be kicked out for being afk. Instead he stays afk in-game, the hunter team gets a bot and they’ve practically lost the round.

With a proper report system there won’t be as many hackers and trolls in the game, simple.
With a system that kicks the player who is afk, there won’t be any unfair advantages. How do you know if that player is afk? Implement a system that can “sense” if no perks have been chosen (there is an option of “no perk” if you don’t happen to have, for example, perk 3 as a new player). If no perks have been chosen when there’s like 10 seconds left, that specific player gets kicked while the others in the lobby get queued up again. The queue time is very short so no worries there and if someone goes away during the queue time (getting something to eat, going for a quick piss) then they’ll just learn to wait before queuing up, no worries.

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