Things to do before the new hunters get fixed and the game becomes at least bearable for monster?


Other than gitting gud .

What are other F2P games I could try out?
Maybe a cool movie you would recommend, maybe cool people to chat with.


Have you tried Nosgoth? I had fun for awhile with that game.


Nosgoth is certainly a good one. Hmm. TF2, of course.

Browse the F2P section on Steam (I assume you’re on PC?) and you will find bucketloads.


Play hunters


play kraken


You could see Kingsman, that was a good movie.
As for f2p games, only 1 i really play is SWTOR, or you could try out the hunters quest app (though it’s a massive grind if you don’t use the p2w feature)


git g0t

like srsly


Yeah doesn’t work, Torvald can fly up to your face and land a barrage or mortars on it instantly taking two to three bars of your health. Apparently flying around in the air doesn’t mean a thing if the mortars can be used like that.

Tried it, but didn’t like how pubs were only using the OP hunters and I was stuck with playing either trapper or monster all the time. Crow isn’t OP enough I guess.