Things to discuss


I would like to discuss the on going talk about “behemoth being broken” or “goliath and kraken being too OP” just stop…and remember that TRS will fix the problems. You don’t have to flip out on them they will fix them so stop please stop yelling around. #keep calm and play like Dakdavis :sunglasses: :monster:


The forums are for discussions like this, whilst yeah I get it, it can be annoying to see multiple things on the same topics, TRS are great at listening to all the feedback they get, so each thread does serve a purpose…even the “you broke the game you suck now give me 10 new monsters right now” toned ones :smile:

Also, never forget the irony of making a thread to complain about others making threads to complain :smile:


I wasn’t nesisarily complaining just saying.


Behemoth is broken though, that freeze bug is maddening. :frowning:


there are other threads for these discussions, and the OP had made his point