Things to Add to Stage 2


I know there’s so many of these but no one in particular stands out to me so I’m making my own.

Win streak multiplier for end game silver coins

Multiplier for ending someone else’s win streak

Rentable characters

Maps that I think should be touched on and implemented.

Aviary-for aesthetic diversity
Foundry-replace all boxed food with dense reaver hoards

My changes are not as important as things like character bios. They can wait months to even be considered, but I’d like to hear your thoughts


I like that :slight_smile:

This only seems like a “taunt” to me

Weekly Character Rotation

They are working on old maps to bring back into the game. The ones we have now were all fixed to be less toxic. Trust me they were toxic to either side untouched.

Explain on that a bit more?

Otherwise all your ideas I like :slight_smile:


Foundry is a cool map, very industrial. Reavers are like zombies, and instead of these boring boxes of food, I’d rather have swarms of zombies that the monster could clear in a few seconds or leave alone an force a fight in the area.


Ah, I see. I think the Boxes were implemented for new Gameplay Mechanics. The Monster would have a choice to either make noise and eat it or leave it be with same amount of hunger.

Who knows, maybe they will delete them when they bring that map back


@Insane_521 I saw the live stream today and wanted to highlight my idea for foundry without starting a new post. Just saying…Evolve needs more zombies.