Things the (not necessarily competitive) community are disappointed by and want to see changed to make this game great again


Hi folks.
I’m a frequent player on the xbox, hell, I may even be known by some of you other players. The name is Slayer9066. I can be a bit of an ass when it comes to playing, but I like to keep the conversations flowing, game exciting, and making sure we’re all having a good time. When I get on, I play very competitively. I’ve been meaning to get a team together but working two jobs and going to school full time can take up a lot of my free life. Anyways fellow gamers, that is me.

Playing this game so much, being a part of it since I first saw the advertisements that were tied in with COD Ghosts, and being a very active and knowledgeable person when it comes to game companies and the ways they try to use, abuse and scam the consumers, I can say, that this game tries very hard to give the consumer what it wants/needs.

Problems this game consists of are obvious bugs. (Laz bodies he needs to revive still falling through map). If they plan on changing Laz so much so that he’s not nearly as good as he is now, (getting strikes if a player dies out), what’s the point if the body will just fall through the map? Behemoth, rolling off of cliffs and then all the sudden flying mid-air. Bucket’s UAV not functioning properly, not be able to capture monster. And many other bugs (refer to all the other topics that cover each other bugs).

But there are also several other issues with Evolve. Many people were expecting an announcement of sorts for the one year Anniversary of Evolve. The day the game was released I was screaming with joy when it started downloading, because the beta got me more hyped for a game then I had been in forever.

What I received from the actual full game, was the same exact thing as the beta. No campaign, no different modes, no other characters. Evacuation still being a garbage game mode that only gives you XP. No other versions of minions, just Goliaths.

The fact that it was going to take 9 months just for 5 new characters disappointed the whole community. But the fact that they added new variations got everyone very hyped.

Now, to the present. We have been waiting two months, very patiently, for a game, that at this point, is only going to keep the community going with new updates and features. Many were hoping for a big announcement when it hit their one year Anniversary. I personally wanted an actual plan from TRS since we’ve been left in the dark the first year, announcements for Tier 6? Set times for when we will receive the variations? Maybe talk about new maps or game modes? (come on only two 1/2 maps so far? one of your big ads for the game was that everyone would receive the new maps.)

We’ll be receiving Elder Kraken tomorrow, maybe with a new update, or maybe not. TRS’s randomness has been very great and awesome sometimes (when Arena mode was announced and given to us at the same exact time). But it’s greatness is not consistent whatsoever.

Trust me, I love the game, to hell and back, and have only gotten tired of the loading screens. Gameplay is so unique and grand, had they had more the one commercial advertisement for the game, had they approached the whole thing a different way, we as a community would be at a much better shape.
But they are constantly changing features to the game that have been incorporated since the beginning. Had ranking been introduced since the beginning new people wouldn’t be getting stomped on and trading in the game just because they don’t get it, just because it is a game that forces you to actually have communication with a team if you want to play as hunter.

Okay I know I’ve complained a lot, but if anyone who’s still reading, here’s my
opinion on how to make these things better:

I was so hurt that after a month and half of the games release, (me spending $80 for dlc and game), they were already lowering price of the game. At this point, I only want the best for the community. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth, with over 30 days played (25% was probably loading screens).
But at this point, I just want the game to be free to play. We would get a boom in our community, probably a get a lot of people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on random games to switch and makes this their main game. TRS can still make a great profit by making only the first tier free to play. Every other one would cost money. Give everyone a feel for the game, boom your community, and make it so features like - being able to join a game and playing as a character new players don’t have, makes them want to keep playing as that character to level it up, thereby purchasing it.

That’s how we can fix our low player-base.

To satisfy your veterans:

GIVE US A GAMEPLAN. Tell us what’s up, give us some hype, don’t make us guess nearly as much as you have been. The company that is sponsoring you may have some restrictions on what you can and can’t do, have or don’t have time for. But have one of your best, come up with an approach to tell them this is how we’re going to make more money, by making it free to play, by giving the players a gameplan on what we want to do, what they want us to do. You guys, dedicated communities, which you guys know you have, can help! It doesn’t have to just be our money, maybe we could give you guys ideas. Don’t make it just about feedback, make it where you ask us what we want, what you guys can work on doing!

Anyways, I’m going to wrap this up. I’ve spent my whole Native American Cultures class writing this (tap tap tap tap tap).

If any new players want some help, I can help! I play on the XboxBone, and could get on PS4 if need be (even though it’s garbage imo).

This wasn’t about trying to offend anyone, or bag on Evolve or Turtle Rock Studios, these are concerns I as a very active player and my team (which is made up of about 30 very active players on Evolve) have for the game and our community.

Good luck players, maybe an update will come out tomorrow and give this post answers it needed, who knows, we never really do.



I agreed, an little insight to the future of our beloved game would be fantastic. Ima add you slayer i also play on xbox1 and am always looking for a team to rank up with or even learn a few new tricks from.


I’ve been saying to make T1 F2P since May. Then make each otger tier like 20 or 25. Maybe 25 since adaptations are a thing.


How’s ps4 garbage…? Pretty sure it beat xbone on sales and hardware tech this gen.

Anyway you raise some good points,I’d like to hear more from TRS on future plans too,they’re being very quiet lately.

I think sadly Evolve at this point is renown for being a very buggy game with long wait times that still hasn’t been addressed properly since maybe launch although from my memory launch wasn’t so bad,infact I think the first patch on ps4 made the game worse! and then every patch after introduced new bugs that has plagued it ever since.


This whole topic lost me when you say “everyone wants this or that”. I disagree with a lot of your post, personally.


Can you make a TL;DR? I can’t read this block of text…



Now I’m not picking on you in particular, because you are not the first one to come out with this suggestion, so please don’t take the following personally.

End Disclaimer

I am tired of people calling out TRS for “not telling us anything” or “keeping us in the dark” ect. You said it yourself in your explanation of what you want.[quote=“Shmebann, post:1, topic:83926”]
Tell us what’s up, give us some hype, don’t make us guess nearly as much as you have been. The company that is sponsoring you may have some restrictions on what you can and can’t do, have or don’t have time for.

TRS has been very open about what they are planning with this game.

  • They literally just put together a whole new telemetry system to track data for the game.

  • They have stated they are working on Adaptations.

  • They have stated the next update is going to change up the game in a HUGE way.

All of these indicate they are going to support the game for quite a bit longer. No Developer or Publisher just comes out and tells the Community everything they are working on for a variety of reasons. One of the big things is controlling Hype. Not only an you get people excited for new features, characters and maps, but it can work the other way too. If for some reason something gets delayed, or heaven forbid, CANCELLED, people will lose their minds! Plus the questions change from “What’s next” to “Hey, why haven’t you done X, Y, and Z like you promised. You said you were working on it months ago!”

I think the best way to sum it up is the following: (emphasis mine)


Relax, just because you don’t know everything TRS is working on, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything! :smile:

Meatman out.


It’s not a matter of knowing EVERYthing. It’s a matter of having an open communication with the player base. This game isn’t growing. Not yet ( refer back to how I said they could boom the player base). They have what they have in terms of players.
It’s the simple fact that they just recently announced when elder kraken would be coming out. How long has it been available to play? For about 3-4 weeks. Each day I got on thinking “okay today has to be the day, there’s no way they could be prolonging this”. We never knew what they were going to do. And if they end up releasing elder kraken with the huge patch coming out. It’s insane the things TRS offers and doesn’t follow through on.
Hunters quest app for example. Had it, then they took it out of the system and its obsolete if you didn’t get it while it was out.
How long were we left in the dark about tier 5? The whole process! Finding out how it was going to work. When we were able to get the characters.
Every other game has dates for dlc. This is the only one where everything’s just kind of up in the air for the moment. And that’s why I acknowledged it was okay for the first year. With it being a brand new game and everything. But they did nothing for the year anniversary, took them a few days to post anything on their site. And we are all left in the dark. Why can’t we know when these huge updates are going to start taking effect in the game? They’re already in development or are finished? What’s the point of just dropping it off on the game one day? We know about wraith, laz.
You’re argument for supporting TRS when it comes to this is pathetic and annoying. A lot of the community would disagree with you. We’re not asking for it all. We don’t need to know who’s going to be the new characters or what the new features are going to be.
We need to know that they haven’t given up on this game, like a lot of their player base has.

The only way to keep your veterans for the game is to have a better relationship with them all. Not just the competitive players or the ones that watch your twitch. We all don’t have time for it. This is coming from the majority because I speak with the majority. Not everything should be one big ?
Just because they are making the product, we’re purchasing it and as a community trying to improve it.


TRS has done a lot of good for their first year. But the game needs to be free to play if they want an increase with players, and they need to have a better communication with veterans if they expect us to keep playing the game and not move on to something else. We’re never sure what they’re doing or if they will be anything else soon.


That’s fine, I don’t know what parts you would disagree with? Making it free to play so we get a bigger increase in terms of players? Letting us veterans know what’s up so we will want to keep playing the game? Anyways I said I speak with a lot of people on the Xbox, and have about 30 people I play with a lot. This is coming from the majority. You my good friend are part of the minority ( for whatever reason )


I was just saying Evolve on PS4 is garbage haha, but yes, agreed with everything else you said.


A lot of what you described is not controlled by TRS themselves, but by 2K Games. It is not a matter of TRS demanding this or that, because that is not how you run a business.

It has been officially announced, so Elder Kraken IS releasing tomorrow. People are mentioning the much anticipated TU9, but that has never once been mentioned as releasing tomorrow so there is nothing to be disappointed about there.

TRS has actually told a lot of the community here on the forums what’s going to be happening with the next TU, and the Mod/Leader team have been compiling all of the posts and putting them here along with the source of the information:

This list if fairly long as you can tell if you take a look. Some changes even have gifs created by the QA team.

This is the type of information TRS can legally share with the community, and they are doing it. What they cannot share is the information you’re demanding in your post like release dates. TRS also cannot “take our ideas” for legal reasons, although we have various threads here already with tons of great Monster/Hunter/Adaptation ideas.

TRS has NOT given up on the game. If that was the case then they would stop all production immediately since (as far as we’re aware) they’re only working on free content right now.

Also, just a warning, but please try not to antagonize people by calling their preferred gaming system as “garbage.” It does not further conversation, but just derails the discussion.

I’m still not sure if this thread is a letter intended to be for the Developers themselves, but if it is then this should have been PM’d to them and not posted for all to see. You and your group of friends are not the “majority” and you should not speak for people in the Evolve community as a whole.


Well I see you have just joined the forums, so first let me say WELCOME!!!

Now to your points.

The game actually is growing. There have been reports on all platforms of an influx of new players. Now that alone doesn’t constitute playerbase growth alone, however a lot of people have seen wait times for matches decrease. (Although a lot of that still has to go along with region and time you play)

Actually Elder Kraken has NOT been available to play. Now there are ways to get around it, but Online play he is not available. This is literally the same thing they did with Meteor Goliath. They get released first for people playing Solo to “get a taste” and then becomes playable Online a little while later.

Hunters Quest was done by another Studio and a lot of people didn’t like it that much (at least on the forums). Also one of my buds got the Arctic Skins they gave out during those events so check your characters if you haven’t already, you may have the skins.

No we weren’t. We knew we’d have all the characters before March 2016. Now I know what you’re talking about. You mean each Individual Character, but remember they were still being worked on, one at a time. I believe no dates were given because they were still up in the air. Imagine the letdown if they promised a character and it got delayed even a week! They didn’t release them all at once because the balancing nightmare that was the T4 release. It took months to get them all to good places!


  • When’s the Divisions DLC coming out again, literally the 3rd DLC says check back later!

  • Fallout 4 JUST announced the DLC dates and the games been out for months

  • Rainbow 6 only has approx dates (they had to push back the first DLC already)

  • Halo 5 just drops DLC whenever with about a week’s heads up

  • Destiny…just…

So? Honestly it’s a non-issue IMO

Because of the nature of Game Development. MS or Sony can reject a TU and then that throws everything off. The things they tell us are things they know for sure are going to be in the TU.

Since you are new to the forums I’ll give you some helpful advice. There is a search bar at the top. Literally every point you raised has been talked about multiple times. A lot have been addressed by the Devs too.

Now if you think my supporting TRS is annoying an pathetic that is your opinion. But I’m not surprised as you said it yourself…[quote=“Shmebann, post:1, topic:83926”]
I can be a bit of an ass



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