Things the latest update hasn't fixed on X1

This thread is meant to be a place for you all share problems that haven’t gona away since the latest patch on Xbox1. So far I’ve had the protocol error, and have apparently been kicked from a match while in the character selection screen.

To add some positivity to this thread Im lovin the changes they made especially not having to worry about my progress being wiped and the masteries being more reasonable. They’re baby steps but I’m glad we’re makin progress

Is it just the monster msteries they toned down or did they tone down the hunters too because they seriously needed to be as well

wait xbone got a patch?

yeah, to fix all the resets just like macman has said for 2 weeks now.

The patch was mainly to fix progress wipes & they made some progression changes. It was a small incremental update not the first major patch.

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Yet another entitled PC Master Race user…

I honestly prefer Console play for certain games than PC. The controller feels MUCH more useful as the monster than a mouse/keyboard.

Also, I don’t have a monstro-computer to run the beauty that is evolve, hell I can barely play High graphics on SC2. My Xbone runs like a beauty though… So I play on that. Stop bashing other consoles please and just live with it.


Times the PC ended up holding back the Console version. You asked for examples. Devs said they would keep it on par with PC and that never came to fruition. To add another example, Team Fortress 2.

Has the patch came out already?

You have to contact 2K Support but they will get you your progress back now.

Last night in fact. Contact 2K Support and they will get you your progress back.

I have, the other day I made a ticket. Is it through 2k? Because I thought trs was going to get everything resolved.

It has to go through 2K to get your progress back but at least you can. I already earned everything back myself. At least neither of us have to worry about losing anything again.

Does this include elite skins?

Yes. Elite Skins are part of the progression.

I would probably still need proof that I had elite wraith skin though huh…

The XB1 has its own leaderboards in the Game Hub for time and matches played. Take a pic of The Monster achievement.

Right!! Thank you I will :smiley:

I’m not sure anyone else know if they reduced any mastery challenges for any of the monters?

Yes they did. Goliath I know for sure

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