Things That Need To Be Said + Fix For Role Preferrence


Hello Community and devs. First off let me say that I preordered Evolve the moment it was revealed on Gameinformer (if I recall correctly the gameinformer one was the reveal), then recently I canceled my preorder. . . and preordered the Monster Race Edition! I enjoyed this game in The Big Alpha and still do greatly.

What I wanted to post about was;

  1. People in pubs seem to not understand that when I cloak to come and revive them, THEY NEED TO STOP SHOOTING. No matter how many times I say this on mic and direct it to the specific hunter that is incapacitated, type it, say and type it before matches begin etc, people seem to just not get it. I started telling people before games that if I cloak and say I am and am coming to heal you, please stop shooting and you continue to shoot, I will leave you, I will not cause 2 deaths and probably even more, because of this.

This I think needs to be addressed somehow, but I am not sure how, as apparently telling people the mechanics of the game leads to nothing :frowning: I assume that the more I level up(currently 25 or so), (hopefully) the better the players and hopefully, this is a non-issue there.

  1. Assaults need to stop playing extremely passively. I have seen this multiple times where an assault player just stands back the whole time, expecting the medic or support to do dmg, heal, tank etc all at the same time.

I understand that I am talking about pubs where things like this are inevitable and I also understand that most of these issues will probably be less common to find with time as more players get used to the game, but then again I have played Dota for around 6 years or so and . . yeah :wink:

Also this has been said before, but I will say it anyway as it is very important; offer all the other game modes in Skirmish. I think it is obvious that this is some sort of a mistake made before the game was released.

Last I just wanted to address the Role Preference, I personally think that the system in place, which I think has not changed since The Big Alpha, needs some fixes. I say this as I am currently trying to Elite Medics(Val, then Laz, then Caira), Support (Cabot, then Hank), Parnell, Markov, then the rest, these are my favourite hunters in the game so far and I find them the most fun to play as (I usually enjoy Supports and medics in games as they are usually extremely fun to play as and are the backbone of most teams) I usually have my roles as the following: Medic > Support > Assault > Trapper > Monster, Med and support swap every now and then. I obviously like playing hunters than I do monsters (for now), however I never exit a game when I am placed as a monster or so, my issue is that I got placed in more games as the Monster then I was placed as the Assault and the Trapper (yes, probably combined). Now when I thought about it, It might be that a lot of other players have the monster as last as well and therefore the game needs to adjust etc. I just find it strange that I get more monster games then Assault and Trapper which are a priority over the monster.



If two or more people join as friends, they are not broken up by placing one of them into monster. But, that obviously has the effect of making the rest more likely to be the monster.
If I could see somewhere that some have joined as friends, I would instantly quit the group, but that is unfortunately hidden from the rest of players.
I know “noone” wants to play monster, and I wouldn’t mind doing my fair share, but I won’t if I can’t know if I’m the only one not in a team.

Make Coop possible outside of Evacuation or simply give us a bot whenever no monster-player is available. Probably would mean only about a third of games have human monster. Or break up friends so the burden is fairly shared.


Well, personally monster is my first choice in my role line up. At the same time 70 percent of my games have been played with a friend. Therefore I don’t get to be the monster because its disabled. I see why they have it disabled so people can’t boost, but why not change it so that monster becomes a 5th role pick. This way it would be spread out evenly between the five players.

Instead of punishing the few people that are not teamed up. This is causing a very negative experience for alot of people. I mean you see it all over the forums. “I chose medic, but all I get is monster this match making is bs.”

I usually play with one other person and I know there has been a weird occasion (once every like 30 games together) one of us get put in the monster roll even though its suppose to be disabled. Let me tell you not only is it a nice change of pace but its fun facing a friend.

So correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think you can que up with 5 people. So I don’t see why they don’t change it from being disabled to being a 5th roll choice. Sure I guess you could que with 4 people a boost. But common people are gonna find some way to cheese the system anyhow, so why punish the rest of us.

I mean I can see some negatives to what I’m suggesting. This is just from someone who loves being monster and would like that option well being with friends.