Things that need fix


Sorry if there’s a section for this or whatever, but just today alone i have had 2 issues, one constant, and one one off. (Playing on PC) The constant one is that EVERY SINGLE game i have queued for (while queuing alone, multiplayer) i have been put in monster role EVERY TIME while it is my last preference at the moment. i get that you can’t always get your position but i have joined games that have been half empty and put as monster. and second i was put in a game (sort of as monster) but i wasn’t there i guess i was spectating? i was invisible and there was an AI controlled kraken flying around. i could still scare birds though and when the kraken was killed the game continued as i guess it thought i was a monster? im not sure. i have screen shots of the second issue if anyone/devs wants to see. :s


The first one is just the terrible matchmaking of this game, technically not a bug.

The second one is indeed a bug and reported by more people. More info (including a video of the bug your describe) in this thread


just to point out i said two issues not two bugs :wink: i am aware bad matchmaking is not a bug, but it is an issue and the thread is called things that need fix :stuck_out_tongue: as it is both of those things :wink: but thanks. also good (in a way?) to see i am not the only one with that issue hopefully that means it’ll be addressed quicker too.

still love the game, but as i said post beta - pre release, they should implement a feature to “lock” as a class, so you ALWAYS get put in a game in that class, id rather wait longer for a game to get a certain class if i REALLY want to play it. eg if im grinding to max out trapper (currently am on crow), id rather wait in matchmaking an extra 5 minutes then be chucked in as a monster. i really enjoy playing monster but im trying to do something and the darn game won’t let me xD