Things that Evolve could do better


First of all, even though these following things are annoying and makes the game experience less enjoyable I would like to state the I still very much like the game.

  1. Game filters. At the moment the only “filters” are what role you would like to play, and for example I have monster as last option the game still annoyingly often makes me a monster. How about having Battlefield styled filters, such as a tickbox on what map you DONT want to play, what class you DONT want to play, DONT join existing game thats < X minutes into the game etc. I truly hate it when I leave a game, wait more than the 1 min que wait time, and the game throws me back into same game as a monster (5th option) with 1 health bar at lv2 and theres 2 minutes left to fight. You get my point.

Also, joining a live game where you dont get to choose character or perk. Maybe when you join ASAp you could atleast choose a perk? So you dont have to get punished for the previous players often trolly character/perk chose. “oh im gonna leave but first, let me choose Bucket and Jump bonus!”

2.Bugs. Hunter(s) fallin to their death at the start of the round, having a mouse cursor ingame but not in the lobby, not being able to leave the game without Hard Reset* (Alt+F4) when spectating a player you were suppose to take over but someone beat you to it. Lost games don’t make people violent, bugs do.

Also, in the game trailer called 4v1, Hank is placing an orbital strike on the monster by looking through the “binoculars”… why is this not ingame?


His binoculars are in game, once you hold R2 or what ever he looks through to place the marker.


They desperately need to fix a bug that causes dead players to fall through the map and materialise on the other end of the level, being a medic that mains Lazarus I think this is a very game breaking bug.
I get so much grief for not bringing people back but there is literally nothing I can do about it!


Your first idea would start a split in the player base. If you start filtering maps in the way you describe then there will be smaller pools of players to join. I love the way it is now, I have met a ton of cool players and a few asshats.