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Waffen-SS actually had a full division consisting out of kids.

Like, what the fuck.

Hey, don’t judge me for knowing that. I was resarching a lot about Reich since this country got sacrificed in hopes of stopping the war.


We don’t judge. Yeah that’s pretty crazy how did he expect them to be victorious in battle? were they assasins? normal soldiers like everyone else?


Propaganda thing originally iirc. Not fielded at first. Then they started losing the war.

They turned kids into SS elite soldiers in preparation for them to join real SS units as adults, and when it came down to Berlin, well… let’s just say that someone dubbed them “Elite Toddlers”.




Bears in Russia are addicted to sniffing fuel. They’ll go as far as to follow helicopters looking for leaking fuel.



The effect they’re using on that watermelon gif is weirding me out


That watermelon wow!!


winning as a stage 1 behemoth is pretty cool


It helps that Bruce Lee is going all in with those nunchuks in your peripherals.


The first two just hurt my eyes.Is that the intention? The third is fun to look at.


Glad you like the watermelon. ^.^


I love Martha watermelons

@antiquity93 Kinda intentional, meant to mess with your head


Lol Martha, I see what you did there😂


I only dream of being that badass…


That’s amazing. The add at the end makes me question if its real. Is there any source that this match ever happened?


It didn’t. It’s all advertising.

Debunked at:

But then again… this is the internet… so what proof does the debunker have that it didn’t happen…


That’s too bad.