Things that are wrong with Evolve and how it could easily become insanely awesome


I don’t want to hate on this game. I think it has tons of potential and already CAN be very good but there’s some very crucial things wrong with it.

  • Matchmaking: The rampant connectivity issues aside (because it’s not part of the actual gameplay and it’s been adressed so much, I’m sure TRS is gonna fix this soon) - The matchmaking itself is super annoying. It’s not fun to play against poor players. Be it my own team, which happens to be consistently shitty and leading to loose almost everything or be it the monster which leads to a boring fight without any sort of challenge. I happen to have only 1-2 people playing the game in my FL and they dont’s speak English very well, so I can’t just add random people to the team either. I’m forced to cooperate with random people who then ruin the game for our squad. Even if that wasn’t the issue, a lot of people don’t play with a headset which eliminates the possibility of teaming up anyways. Therefore we NEED a skill based match making. Even level matchmaking isn’t enough. There’s plenty of Level 20 + players who are absolute ass. We need to have a system that applies a seperate rank, adjusted to how your W/L quota is. If you win (later ranks require several wins to rank up) you rank up, losses drag you down. This keeps the lobby at an even playing field and should generally elevate the experience.

  • Character selection: In standard hunt, it’s absolutely necessary that the monster has to be picked before the hunter. Hyde, for example, gets incredibly less useful if not facing Wraith. Essentially, you can get a full squad of hunters who don’t have anything particularly useful for the monster. This isn’t a huge issue for Goliath and only Hyder and maybe Laz suffer from Kraken. So these two are fine. Wraith however requires amazingly well adjusted groups and if you pick pad hunters against him it’s pretty much gg right away. This isn’t the BIGGEST issue but it’s noticable in a Stage 3 fight and an annoyance. Alternatively, you could provide the information publicly in general, so the monster play can alter his pick too until both parties, monster and hunters, are content with the balance. Keep pick changes to a minimum though, otherwise it’d be a switcheroo for years.

  • Wraith: I know people like to put out their strawman argument “Blah, I can’t play and therefor cry OP” but Wraith is OP and even the devs stated that she is used in ways they didn’t intend, so cool your engine and lets talk about how to keep Wraith playable but fair. I’m not sure how much nerfing would be too much and I’m sure TRS will test around enough this time to get it right, but something needs to happen. Slow her down a bit, greatly nerf Decoy (transmit damage, make her disappear after the first hit, no damage, no knockback, increased Nova cooldown, decreased Nova range - It doesn’t matter, there’s plenty to choose from)

  • Encourage diversity: Moreso than the consistent losses against Wraith, I’m annoyed by the fact that she’s all I ever see. All I had to day was her except ONE game with Kraken. Goliath is seemingly extinct. Don’t punish people for picking their favorite people all the time but encourage changing things up.

  • Character pick: Preference settings need to be overhauled. A.) Instead of having a ranking, let people additionally disable characters they don’t want to play. I genuinly dislike the Trapper. Not because I suck as him (I do, kinda, but that’s not why I dislike that role) but rather because not a single Trapper’s equipment appeals to me. It’s just not enjoyable. I still get him regularly though. Take a look at EA’s UFC. It’s a fighting game with weightclasses. When you search for a game, you can disable weightclasses, so you DEFINITELY don’ get put in a game with that weightclass. This could also be used for the monster. If you want to practice against the Kraken, just disable Goliath and Wraith, bam, got it. Don’t want to snail behind Wraith? Disable, boom. That goes back to being able to pick your character based on the enemy too. This could potentially lead to being abused though, it would have to be well thought out.

  • Reconsider skills: Bucket does not play like a support. The UAV isn’t much better than any quick hunter with good eyes and some marks layed down. It’s also useless in a fight. The UAV needs to really offer something over just running around. The fact you’re left open and behind does not make the skill worth it. Caira is a healer, yet she has a fire launcher. Her healing is so good and the damage output is greatly hindered by the terrible accuracy that she’s almost encouraged to just heal forever. This is general fine tuning though and I’m sure this is, like in most games, part of the first big patch TRS will put out.

These are just my thoughts, I’d love to hear your suggestions