Things that are missing in Game and some other stuff like Buff/Perk balance


So i just put my things together and wanted to point down all these little things that are actually missing in the game.

Like starting first with the game options:

  1. The option to change the sensitivity for hipfire + aiming down the sight - like its kinda annoying using 2 different sensitivitys in a online competitive shooter.

  2. an Option to fully customize a privat match, like if theres a 5on5 going on with 2 teams beating each other, it should be possible to make a lobby with all 10 people inside of it - and also some information how the match is actually performing from the other team, like win loss and so on - it also would make communication ALOT easier.

  3. an alternative button like Shift + Enter to chat with the enemy(s) - in Case some1 gets dropped out or has weird lag it should be possible just to call that thing out and might pause the game (competitive)

  4. the steam overlay is currently missing an option where you can find the people you just have played with, not sure if its Valves job or not - but that should be def. done in time.

  5. Option for “Competitive Gamemode” - Fully Customizable and adjustable Game without any sort of starting timer + ALL CHAT - that is very important!

  6. A Win Loss Counter for the competitive mode with the names included from all players to make screenshots easier and less betrayable.

  7. give players the option to choose whenever they want to be a Ringer, join a recently started game (near dropship and spawn), or a new game at all.

----- Things about Scoreboards:

  1. Give ragequitters and poor players 5 losses for leaving a match, except for a Steam downtime.

  2. add an option to vote for an player like: bad behaviour, friendly, “good teacher” “talented” and things like that and may achieve people that are friendly and helpful with some achievements or even better with a special skin, that can only be owned by beeing a positive and helpful player for most of the time (everybody got bad times!).
    In case people change mindset and gets negative attitude later on the skin should be removed untill the manners are fixed and the votes going up again.

Change the Leaderboards!

at this point i just wanted to say, that it should not be the amount of winning matches that describe if you r a good player or not, it shouldve been done by keeping the average damage and heal/shield/tranq durations and so on higher than other players.

Like if the best player in the world has an average of damage from “20000” per round or heal/shield whatever it is, that guy should be the one earning his first place.
and unless theres nobody higher than those 20000 he should keep that - but if that is a choice you like to do, keep in mind that it should be at least 30 matches per Month to even start counting that, so people do not join a single match and deal their 30k damage and never play again.

Perks, Buffs and Masteries:

This part is actually very important to me tho!
lets start of with the Masteries:

  1. i think its a great idea to give a bit more damage and stuff to the players to level up with BUT some things like Rockthrow are literally just going crazy if you get a Perk like 15% more damage into it - meaning 25% higher damage on a rockthrow and may geting a 35% damage buff will just (i think) 1 hit any hunter that will be hit.

  2. the wildlife buff like “Health Regen” should not exist for the Monster or at least should get nerfed down to the half duration since ive made (yes i did) some matches where i was just going very much low hp on stage and gained that buff - after 2 minutes i was up on 50% health again and won the match.

Buffs like 35% Movementspeed, damage or reduction are just too much of the good things! keeping it around 10 to 15% i could call it a buff or lowering the duration so that it will limit the possibilities of use from them could be a great idea.

another thing simply is, that the elite wildlife just decays WAY too late - so you can just sit half and a minute around to defend a damage or cooldown reduction buff to stand a chance against any monster, by just making clear they dont get it.

the wildlife buffs are mostly totaly out of balance because they just favour the monster alot more than the hunters - as a example called above “Rockthrow” of Goliath, or the speedbuff, these little things can just upgrade the monster alot better.

also the monster can eat the entire buff and leave nothing to the hunters while the hunters have to defend it for ages without been able to destroy it.


i think something has to be done with the “Feeding Rate”, like ive already seen Kraken that reach stage 2 while you are still inside the dropship.
it just needs a bit of luck to get an entire horde of easy-kill-wildlife and your ready to kick ass.

Buffs like “increased damage or cooldown reduction” could also need a bit of tweakin - theres nothing better than a stage 1 Kraken running with 3 points into Vortex + using the CDR.

nobody can keep up with the Kraken since you r just flying around all over the place.
but at that part Kraken anyways needs a Vortex Nerf in Knockback (still goes up to ~150 Meters Knockback if well and close-distance-placed)


Also changing some Elite Wildlife positions could be awesome - there are alot of maps with wildlife around the spawn area that Monsters with knockback can use to win against the hunters at Stage 1 easily.

So thats it about - those are things i can complain about and i would like to see some changes happening there.
(Ofc there are alot of annoying bugs to fix aswell, but thats not feedback anymore).