Things I would like to be improved, my alpha feedback


I know I Know it’s a bit late but I wanted to reflect on the alpha and not just say the
first thing that comes to my mind ^^

So after weeks of collecting all my little notes I finally finished it.
To give a good feedback I took my time, read many reviews and posts and even made some myself because I wanted to make sure that if I didn’t like something it was because it was ,at least in my opinion, done in suboptimal way and not because I didn’t understand it properly.

So now I feel confident enough to give my complete feedback but before I start let me say one thing:
I really really love this game. Even if you would release the game in the same state as the alpha I would buy it and I will definitely play it at release.
I enjoy the monsters and I enjoy the hunter and even though I clocked in about 40 hours in the alpha I want to play more.

However if you look down this text you will see that I will only point out negative/missing things.
This has a reason
This is NOT a review.
I will not explain the game, I will not say what it’s strengths and weaknesses are.
I will only focus on the points that I think can be improved.
My reasoning behind this is simple.
I am sure that the developers like to hear that their game is good and awesome but I think it is far more useful to them if I tell them what I don’t like so they can make appropriate changes.

So without wasting more time lets get started

A quick disclaimer
Everything I write now is based on the alpha I could play. If you think that point X will definitely fixed or change in the retail build then be free to ignore it. This also applies to things the developers have already confirmed will change

Technical Stuff

(Loading)Time to get into a game should be shorter.
What I mean is that there are too many counters and loading screens before a game starts.
Find players(lets discount this)-> wait 40 seconds(not sure why but we do) -> load -> pick class and perk (2 minutes, too long for my taste but debate able) -> load again -> play.

I think at least a 20% cut is needed. The loading times really hurts if the games was a stomp I encountered a few games that were not even 5 minutes while having >6 minutes of loading time.

More Graphics Options.
Currently its really lacking. One can never have enough options.

Dialog in the ship should be mute able.
Can get a bit annoying after the sometime

The progression system

Do not like it. It forces players to use certain skills
This can lead to ability spamming just for the sake of levelling the ability which causes the player to play bad.

If you finish lvl 1 of something you should start to level lvl 2.
At first i though it was bugged because it makes no sense that you have to level your smg to lvl 1 to start levelling your harpoon to level 2

Introduction to the game

Would like to see damage numbers on the weapons/monster abilities in the class selection screen.
Damage per shot and fire rate/cd.
I see now reason to hide information

I would like to know how much health/armour monsters and hunters have.

Proper introduction to buffs is missing,
Who gives what, how do buffs stack, same monster always same buffs etc.

Proper introduction to sneaking.
It wasn’t completely clear what causes the monster to get out of stealth and if the trackers special ability work against stealthed monsters

Character progress should be look up able from the main menu.

Proper wildlife introduction.
No one tells me: how do the spawn (random or fixed), where do they spawn (random, fixed, chance to spawn at certain locations?), HP, damage, armour gain and abilities like grab are not explained/shown.

Dropship mechanic should be explained in more detail
During my first game this mechanic was quit confusing.
Also I would like to be explained where the dropships drops you (Close to the monster?, or by your team mates?, if by your teammates how close does it drop you or are there certain spawn points?)

Ingame Information

Range indicators for deployables should be added
Buckets turrets, Maggies harpoons, trigger range of mines ect.
Should be toggle able in the option menu.
Again see no reason to hide information from user.

Buff type on animals should be shown.
Learning what monsters drop what via trial and error is not really entertaining.

An in range indicator for weapons that do have limited range, eg. Griffins harpoon would be nice
For me it was often frustrating if I was chasing a monster, shot my harpoon and nothing happened and I didn’t know if it was because I was out of range or if I missed.

Indicator for how many deployables are currently deployed.
Pressing Tab and counting them on the minimap is kinda meh.

Jetpack fuel indicator of teammates could be useful.
Like 3 little squares next to their name.
Seams like an important info for your teammates.

"Monster is Stage 2" Text should be changed.
To “monster started evolving to Stage 2”.
During my first matches me and my friends always though that the message is displayed when the monster FINISHED evolving.


First let me say that during the alpha when I played hunter I mostly played Trapper and Support

Assault class lacks variety. Only doing damage might get boring.
Would have loved to see some mechanics that made the assault more interesting to play. Maybe give him more dmg while above X% hp or give him something that forces the monster to attack him

I would like to have a way to climb up cliffs without spending fuel.
An option to choose between slow climbing or fast climbing but using full would add more depth to the game.

Auto Aim reduces the fun out
Val’s Healgun or Markov’s lightning gun have insane auto aim on them. It’s just too much

Spawn fights
Spawn should be protected by a minidome so the Hunter have a chance too look around before they are pounced at.


Daisy lands too late for my taste.
I know that your are faster than her but i think it makes no sense to let the tracker dog be the last one to be dropped.

Daisy’s symbols are not explained

Placing Harpoon traps is annoying.
You are constantly looking at the ground and spamming your traps that’s no fun.
I would like to see a trap magazine where you can place X traps in quick succession and then reload.

She has no way to get the Kraken out of the sky
I think it should be the trappers job alone to get monsters out of the sky, ground, dimension or whatever
She might need a second type of Trap with extended range that pulls the target to it (but only if it is flying or whatever)

Has problems in areas with a lot of pillars or high differences
Maybe she should be able to place traps on the side of cliffs/buildings etc


Again needs help with the Kraken.
He simply could start slowly pulling airborne targets out of the sky while they are hooked

Only Hunter who has 0 defensive abilities
Maggie can at least pre place traps or place traps while running Griffin got nothing


His shield ability seems to good.
Its not the values but the option to get someone on your team who can be pseudo medic just seems to be too good to pass.


Same ability spam problem like Maggie’s Harpoon Traps

UAV kinda boring to use
You just fly and look no tension. Chasing behind the monster with yet pack while avoiding the wildlife is far more fun. Maybe make it AI controlled but slower?


It seams like her healgun doesn’t really fit with her other weapons. You want to keep cycling between you weapons but the healgun forces you stay on it for most of the time. I always get this feeling like maybe I should shoot the monster but what if my teammates excepts to me to keep healing him. For me it feels weird.
The auto aim also makes it very unsatisfying to use. I would like to see some rewards for good aim.


Really confusing for the monster if you dont know what he does.


Mines are better against the goliath.

Auto aim on lightning gun too strong.


Could use more diversity from Markov.
He and Markov are the most similar T1 T2 hunters

Nades seem pointless

Monster General

Ability Hitbox/ area indicator seems wonky
I don’t know what it is but I constantly hit people I thought I should not hit and I got hit by abilities I thought i dodged

T2 is achieved to fast
Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want a overall monster nerf. I just think T1 is the most interesting phase but it is so short. I have seen cases where to monster just sprinted to the other side of the map and it was close to impossible to even catch up before he reached T2

Maxing abilities is a problem
The damage of an ability is as far as I can tell only dependent on it’s level not on your evolutionary state. This is the only reason why the monster has a chance on lvl 1 and why spawn camping is possible. Most of the spawn camping videos I watched also followed this tactic.
The power that a level 3 ability gives you on T1 is just too much in my opnion.

Levelling up abilities could have been more exciting
I am just a little disappointed that levelling up an ability only increases damage and radius. Some special effects for level 3 would have been nice.
For example the flame breath could ignite the ground on lvl 3

Stealth system
I am not really sold on the stealth mechanic however I didn’t get a good chance to test it because as monster the hunter simply would never find me and as hunter only a few monsters used it. So i am not sure if the things I suggest are really needed
What I would like to see is a audio cue if tracks disappear like “The monster tracks vanished” or something like that. So that it becomes clear even for new players that the monster is now/ was in stealth.
The second thing I would like to see is that all tracking devices work against stealth(sound spikes, daisy).
Before I knew better I thought it would work in a simple way.
Monster not in stealth you follow the tracks
Monster in stealth your trappers uses his ability to find the monster
I think that’s the logical way but sadly that’s not the way the developers chose.


Boulder Throw is his worst ability by far

Jumps around too much
I think his ability to jump around like a mad man is just too chaotic it feels like a crazy ape instead of a bad ass monster.
Maybe increase his movement speed but decrease his stamina / stamina regeneration


His close Range Aoe seems to be his worst ability,
Again the other abilities just outclass it in every aspect.

impossible to help up a teammate against him.
If the goliath wants to camp a downed player he becomes easy target. The kraken on the other hand risks nothing. He can keep moving and spam his ability on the downed player making it impossible to help your teammate
Maybe make only melee attack damage a downed player?

And that’s it. It got a bit longer than I thought it would ^^
Thanks for you time and thanks Turtle Rock Studios for the alpha and the game


My issue with Kraken body camping is that he can fly from a ranged distance and constantly pelt the incapped hunter with spammable normal ranged attacks


I’ll try and address a number of your points but I don’t know them all.

I think the first three points in technical issues (waiting time and graphic options) will probably be fixed in the full game, part of the reason for the alpha was to stress test the servers and see if they were able to handle all the people wanting to play it.

I’d actually prefer a wider variety of dialog, just so it didn’t get repetitive as quickly, if you don’t want any dialog though, I believe if the players are talking the hunters tone down on their chatter

I think they said the actual damage numbers for the weapons might change before launch, and I’m gathering they don’t want to tell people any numbers that might not be permanent

This is from the Guide on the forum

The hunters have 1600 health (not really comparable ti the monsters like this)

The Guide to Evolve should tell you what animals give buffs (direct link here, it uses multiple pages to help navigate) but I think the developers wanted people to learn this through trial and error but the Guide can help if you don’t want to do it that way

Buffs do not stack, if you get a buff from the wildlife that matches your perk the game will choose the better one and give it to you (I belive this will be the buff from the wildlife) and the game will give you the most recent buff you picked up in case you pick up two or more.

I believe the wildlife spawn randomly among a number of fixed points for each wildlife.

The number of armour they give to the hunter is also in that last link, but I think it needs to be updated with the latest changes.

The dropship should put you near your teammates (being put close to the monster could just result in your death again), it’s location is probably limited by the maps physical geography.

I believe with the current build (seen in the livestreams) they have an indicator just below your reticle(?) that displays the number of deployables you currently have up.

The assaults do also have herding capabilities, markovs mines and hyde’s grenades are meant to dissuade the monster from going into particular areas. And I think the t3 assault has an ability that allows him to increase his damage output at the cost of health.

When you are parachuting in you should be able to look down and see if a monster is waiting to rush you from the start so a minidome shouldn’t be necessary.

Daisy does only have three symbols I believe so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember them, also the most important one is clearly identifiable and should be associated with danger regardless of whether you’ve seen it before (being red with a monster symbol in the middle)

Maggie is able to place traps on the corners of cliffs and buildings, this way she can trap the monster without having to go down.

If Hank is using his shield he isnt doing damage (like bucket) or amplifying damage, like cabot, so it’s not as OP as you might think. Also it does clearly give away his position and lets the monster target him

For Val you should be aiming to switch between tranqing the monster and healing, as this is the best way to keep your team alive. The sniper rifle is only really used if you have the spare time

I’m not sure what you mean by the two assault classes aren’t diverse enough? The assault role isn’t as complicated as the others so there’s not such a huge difference in their playstyles

The grenades are meant to discourage the monster from going into certain locations, you could use them to prevent them camping a body or from going after a teammate, and unlike mines they can’t be destroyed by the monsters abilities

They mentioned that the Vortex hitbox was larger then it appeared (this one particularly annoyed me) but I believe they said that they fixed it (or at least made it less obvious).

Maxing abilities does make them stronger, but you lose the cooldown effect so between your use of the ability you’re limited to basic attacks.

I think the reason few monsters used it was because they didn’t know about it or how it worked, so I’m guessing it will be in the tutorials they said they’re going to include in the full game (not just that introduction to your character video)

You can tell if the monster has gone into stealth by the tracks you are following disappearing ( I think once or twice the hunters did say it but I’m not sure).

Daisy does work against stealth, but to me making the spikes detect stealth would make them overpowered as on some maps this would make the monster near permanently trapped

Boulder throw is probably the most difficult to use of his abilities so it’s natural from your limited time using it that you won’t appreciate it, as you get to use it more you’ll understand how to hit hunters better with it and when’s the best time to use it

The Kraken’s aftershock seems to be used for stopping hunters from getting close to you, particularly the assaults, I also believe it can target cloaked hunters so you just need to use it in their vicinity to get them.

The body spamming is an issue, if a monster was doing that to me I’d probably just use the time to hurt the monster more, as well as getting the medic to try and keep the hunter alive as long as possible to keep the monster distracted


This is probably the thing I hate more about this game.

Yes, and I would like to see a stamina bar when playing monster.

Thats not the point, If hes attacking a downed player hes exposing himself to get damage from the rest of the hunters (best case scenario a bomb barrage). He will most likely lose 25% hp in the proccess, just for a stack of life and a possible hunter respawn. It’s not that straight foward.

As for the rest of your critics about lack of tool tips, range indicators and so on … imo it will overflow the game with notifications just to cover barely significant information.

Auto-aim can be a bit exagerated, but it’s important for you to heal and shield people from far away. I’m sure you played a lot and realized how important is that.


I don’t know if you mean a single bar, but the monster does have stamina bars just below the reticle


Never realized that! its way to hidden for me liking, should be some where around the HP/armor HUD.


I feel the same way. You’ve made many good points including some that were already fixed such as speed of staging up was lowered and health was lowered at stage 1 to prevent spawn camping. It will still happen but non-noob teams don’t drop on the ground in a group, they jetpack to the side before landing.

As for all the notifications you recommend I must disagree with putting them IN the game. I would really like to see tutorial videos on the lobby screen before choosing a game etc. New players should also be forced to watch an introduction/tutorial to each game mode before queueing for it. Putting all the tools to learn the game in the game but not the matches will keep down on the hud clutter.

Aftershock is useless, a Kraken at close range should be a dead Kraken. The ability seems to be a crutch for bad players and will rarely be seen by good players that know getting caught means getting killed.


I don’t think they lowered the health of the monster, they just changed the visual.

I know they are going to include a proper tutorial in the full release but I would like to see your idea of being able to access these through the lobby screen, not sure how that would work though


You gotta drop down on them when they are weak with the sneak button and activate it on the way down. Time it right and make sure you’re going to be capping a hunter or two and then back to the air lol. It’s definitely useful.


At most it’s a finisher move therefore useless in function until you’ve all but won. If you get close to a team of hunters they will take you out of the sky and eat Kraken for lunch momentarily. On top of that it does not fit in with the idea of what the Kraken which is a wizard from the skies.


Thanks for the feedback

Regarding the Guides and stuff. I know that there are guides that explain stuff and I have read most of them. To be clear I now know all the answers to my questions like “Who gives what(buff)” and ect but I had to look them up in the forum or wikis. I know that some games like for example don’t starve work very well with the “if you are not sure look it up in the wiki” system but I don’t think it would work well with Evolve.

Regarding the dialog toning down doesn’t really help since you might want to use other methods like teamspeak and I am pretty sure you don’t want to hear everything twice. I don’t see a reason to not disable it. It WILL get annoying especially if you are a 4 man premade and don’t switch up your hunters.

Daisy does only have three symbols I believe so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember them

its hard to remember things that are NEVER explained.

Maggie is able to place traps on the corners of cliffs and buildings,
this way she can trap the monster without having to go down.

Not certain at which part this is aimed at or is this just something you wanted to add?

As I said its more about the option it gives you, forcing the monster away from the medic is a huge win. No other Support can do this. Also Barrage + Shield = big damage while doing shielding :wink:

Yes the class it self is simple that’s why I would have like to see some differences in the way the weapons work. Flame and Lightning play quit similar (yes there are differences but i think they are not big enough)

Well Daisy “works” against stealth she goes into super slow mode though.
In the case of Griffin you still need to place your spikes at the beginning of the game and you cant even cover half of the map which should give the monster more than enough time.
Also how would this be different to Daisy or Abe. Daisy always runs after the monster and if Abe tracks you he sees you for what? 45 sec? and he can track all the juicy wildlife

It has nothing to do with skill its simply worse than it other abilities. It might do the most damage but it has so many downsides.

  • You cant move.
  • If it hits anything on the way it stops
  • It the most telegraphed of his abilities.
  • Its the hardest to hit ability

I have yet to see anyone who says its his best ability

Not sure what you are implying. Like all abilities it damages also cloaked targets but I don’t think it takes them out of cloak if this is what you mean.

I kinda imagined range indicators either like the dome. So you only see it when you want to place it or in the case of Griffins harpoon a change in color of the crosshair.
Fuel could be 3 little squares under the hp bars of your teammates
Deployable count could be a number over the simbol in the weapons circle.
Buff Type could only be displayed if you are close to the monster. Maybe above the symbol.

Thats a good point a forgot to mention. Yes you are right the auto aim is kinda needed at long range the problem I have with it is that it doesent reward you for good aim. i would like to get some rewards if I am good at aiming in a shooter even if I just shoot the med gun.

Can you tell me which information you are talking about. Do you mean stuff like dps, sneak intro etc or range indicators ?


Done correctly and smoothly, like you suggested, would be a great addition to the game. Especialy griffins harpoon color change its a great ideia!


Yep. All types of tutorials on things like sneaking, roles, advanced things like sniffing/hearing the other side etc. Plenty can be put in game, but some of this stuff will be best learned off the job as it were. I was watching some replays of my games during the Big Alpha and I missed a lot of notifications of the newbie tips, achievements, progression, and what ever else may have been popping up on my screen. It’s just unnecessary info while in the game. However if there was a listing of videos to explain these things outside of the games I could watch them whenever I want or have a question about ability x or weapon y or whatever I may be confused or curious about at the time.


The Maggie placing traps thing was aimed at her problems in areas with lots of pillars or high differences, I was saying that she was able to place down traps on the edges of buildings so as to lessen the disadvantage she gets from playing in these areas.

Yeah, their two main weapons are really close, I think for these two the main differences in how they play is how close they have to be and how they use their other equipment. Of course whether this is enough of a difference is pretty subjective

I can’t find the quote, but I think one of the devs mentioned that daisy doesn’t slow down as much while tracking stealth tracks, so that shouldn’t be as much as a problem, but we’ll probably have to wait and see what people think in the beta.

Also the sound spikes can cover more than half the map, even on the bigger map. And with the correct positioning you can cover all the travel routes the monster could use, if you made them detect stealth then you’d always know the location of the monster, even if it wasn’t precise. Daisy’s limitation is that she only follows the monster, who moves faster, so it is up to the hunters to take this information and expand upon it. Abe can get the position of the monster for a while, but the monster knows it’s been tagged, and it’s no guarantee that the hunters are near the monster if it eats the wildlife

The aftershock thing was saying that it was useful to catch cloaked hunters, with the other abilities you have to aim where you think the hunter might be and hope you hit them (and banshee mines can’t get them at all), but if you do the same with aftershock, you’re much more likely to get them due to its radius

I like the range indicator idea now that it’s been explained more, maybe for the deployables it could be a white circle outlining where you can place them, that only appears while you have it equipped?

For the change in reticle, the only weapons I could see this working for are lightning gun, flamethrower, and as you mentioned the harpoon gun. The problem with the first two is that they have auto lock, and a wide spray respectively. That just leaves the harpoon gun, and while it would be useful I’m not sure they’ll go about trying to find a way to rework the reticle system for a single weapon


With any concerns related to things not explained or that were in but you didn’t understand, don’t forget there will be a tutorial in the final game.

That being said the alpha did a great job of explaining the basics of your class with those videos that ran each time you played something new. That is more that I have got in 90% of other alphas and beta for games.


That came directly out of taking the game to shows. @MacMan watched how much easier it was for people to grok the game if they just had someone take 2 minutes to explain how their gear worked. He said “we should just build that moment into the game.” And we did! Seems to work!

There’s actually a lot going on in Evolve to get players up to speed. There’s a tutorial (a pretty good one, actually. I think most tutorials are crap), there are multiple videos, and the game-coach. The VO also does a lot to explain what’s going on.


That is awesome to hear @Matthew. Will all this be available in a main lobby where we can rewatch and/or have advanced tutorials posted?


The pinned Welcome to Sheer guide is excellent work.


I have no idea. :smiley: Probably!


Yup, there is a video gallery where you can watch everything.