Things about the behemoth



Do you think that the whole guts hanging out thing is a evolutionary fail?


Perhaps it has some benefit of reducing it’s weight? Or improving it’s ability to roll into a ball?


Well the monsters aren’t really the product of natural evolution(despite the name of the game). So I don’t really think it’s good or bad design IN the actual world of Evolve. It’s just a product of the monsters physical interpretation of this dimension.


This. If I recall its hinted at through various conversations around Kala and others that these monsters are literally influenced by nightmares


Not quite. Matt has stated in the past that he has allowed the Hunter’s speculation be flat out wrong at times. @Takran laid out the fiction of Evolve pretty nicely, and Matt later clarified much of Takran’s speculations.(I hope I’m not pulling an old man and getting this all wrong)

Either way, near Evolve’s transfer into the hands of 2K, Matt dropped this fiction that suggested that monsters sort of make themselves out of their environment. In this case, a space station.


I always assumed it was a heat vent.


Don’t know where that thread about the Behemoth lookalikes went so… enjoy.