They Just HAD to Patch Wraith, Didn't They


So this is what games had devolved (no pun intended) into now eh? Where if a majority of NEW, not old folks who were in the Evolve bandwagon since Alpha,but NEW players complain hard enough, anything can be nerfed. Of COURSE it’s going to have a 71% win rate, save for the few youtubers, the entire base for Evolve has never even used a Wraith, let alone find tactics to counter act it. The moment the closed alpha popped up, a surge of new players came to the forums and spammed every single game related complaint known to man… They weren’t even CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms, along the lines of “Maybe the Kraken’s vortex flings people too far maybe tone it down a bit?” Nope. Just the usual "too op’, “hunters need infinite fuel”, “why monster no one shot hunters a HERR de HURR”. What TR did just now was basically take a CRS/VRS stance on this. I’m all for balancing but not a complete toning down of a monster. 30% increase of a decoy cooldown, understandable, removal of sprint function while invisible? Unacceptable. How can these statistics even be a good representation? The skills of players are fairly low, so it makes sense that monster players, with their much lower learning curve, have higher statistics. Yes, I understand the decoy skills was a bit overused (I myself am guilty as charged haha). But doesn’t anyone else think stopping dashes was a bit too much?

Please comment away.


I think the developers have access to more info than you. Therefore, I’m going to have to side with them on this one.


You know, even when I -was- under decoy’s cloak, I didn’t use my warp. Simple reason-- every time you warped, you’d blink and show a trail so that the hunters could see where you headed at. I don’t think it’ll change much.

I frankly believe the cooldown shouldn’t have been touched, but that the decoy damage be nerfed hardcore. I used decoy for the cloak and confusion, not the damage.


Yeah, pretty sure they made changes based on hard data from the beta, not because people complained. So, there’s that.

If data shows it’s underpowered after the game’s been out for a bit, they’ll probably change something else.


I stopped reading there.While i agree new people crying for a monster/hunter is a bad idea to take into consideration,even us the Alpha players knew Wraith needed some tweaks.The monster wasn’t nerfed.His abilities got tweaked for better gameplay.

Honestly the way Decoy was been used was not intended.Spam decoy,let it do the fight,and its gg.
And of course Wraith never,ever getting domed if he wanted to.
So yeah the tweaks was a good choice


Even a moron could play wraith b4 and also as they keep stating, the decoy was not meant to install a hunter, it was meant to reposition yourself midfight so you can do more damage.

When u go 22/0 never once put points in abduction, and always played out the same, it has no reason not to be nerfed…


This times a billion. Decoy’s biggest offense is the damage. I also can see how people can’t pay attention to the warp trails left behind so I don’t really care about this as warping makes it easier to find you.


71% WLR across all levels. Including folks who played in competetive tourneys.

It’s not like somebody calls OP and TRS nerfs. This was well beyond justified.


Correct me if I am wrong but I thought I heard a dev say that he was not even supposed to stay in cloak?


They can change it (and anything else) easily. The data that they had proved that wraith was too much. I played the alpha and the beta and I agree that wraith was a bit cheap. We’ll see how she plays in the full game.


All changes were done out of necessity based on all player feedback, and primarily hard data, same with every monster.
Wraith had some abilities that were too powerful, and her decoy was too spammable, it was letting her bypass critical game mechanics. She also received some needed quality of life changes for abduction to make it better to use.

They patched her for the betterment of the game. SO yes, they HAD to patch wraith.


How can you call “being able to dash without breaking invisibility” balanced?
Just read that sentence real quick: The wraith could use her traversal ability, WITHOUT breaking invisibility…

I’m done


Even though my favorite Ability is Decoy I gotta admit that I don’t mind the cooldown increase.

Because of the cooldown it had back then it could be abused way too easily. In maps like the distillery, you could just spam decoys, pushing out the timer indefinitely. Eventually either the hunters or the monster would come out of holes, not because it would benefit them, but because they just wanted the game ended.

Not much fun for anybody.


She also got two buffs. Just sayin.


I’m fearing the cooldown is too high on decoy, but I can’t wait to try out the revamped warp blast. Maybe Abduct will even be usable with that slight buff, too!

In general, how were the tweaks received by the testers?


Well that’s hardly a reply, might as well throw DICE that comment and tell em they did good with BF4.


She can lose all her armour with two Markov mines and God knows how much a Hank barrage’ll do, so your point exactly?


Perhaps you could address the people who made a point you deem more valid, then.


Oh…so if I don’t agree, it’s hardly a reply? Look, the devs didn’t just patch her because people cried. They looked at the numbers and saw something that wasn’t working and adjusted it.


what does that have to do with anything?

What I pointed out was the fact that Wraith could actually move around (and pretty fast too) without being able to be seen… That’s a bit too much for the hunters