They did not nerf wraith at all


They obliterated wraith
Decoy is still ridiculous though.


Wraith is pretty decent still… Allot of people prefer playing her, she’s extremely fun.


Considering how much she has changed, shes not much of a stealth character :frowning:


She’s hit and run, not stealth anymore.

She goes in, and aims for a strike.


Sigh, then we still require a good stealth monster.


She used to be stealth, with Decoy. But they didn’t like how “OP” it was.


The damage preety much was and still is, everything else ? Not so much, consdered they also butchered the ‘‘wraith gets hit during decoy’’ mechanic and made it noob-invulnerable.

It fits wraith more to be hit and run, also supernova never really made sense for a stealth character.


True but every monster needed it big damage boost. Give me a bonus to pounce and remove supernova to give me something useful.


I like Wraith the way it is atm. Any Hunter team can beat her and it’s fun to play as her. Not unbalanced in the slightest.


for good wraiths it was a buff.

real wraiths didnt use decoy anyway.

and almost undodgeable warpblast is now pretty devastating


Decoy wasent about stealth. It was about throwing out a Monster AI with no health, tunnel vision and insane amounts of melee DPS every 10 or so odd seconds while the real wraith just sat at a corner not doing anything beyond that.


Decoy was, and is pretty easy to dodge. Most decent teams, could kill a decoy/supernova Wraith. They just hated doing it, because she ran forever.


She was never meant to be a stealth Monster rather than an elusive one. Don’t know where to point you at for some decent gameplay to get an idea what her current playstyle is all about. You can check out some of my recordings from the past weeks though, there are a few decent games in there maybe it helps.

Try playing her different than you used to pre 2.0. She’s pretty fun to play if you’re not dead set on going full decoy.


I know, but i feel like decoy was the most part of her kit, and that was kind of ruined.


Well decoy still works against the average pug player. If you want to win against better players though you got to change your playstyle as it didn’t even work properly in it’s old state against those kind of players. What are you missing out on to the pre 2.0 Wraith decoywise? That increase in visibility with 2.0 didn’t change much for decoys effectiveness.


But still… :frowning:


:neutral_face: :wave: :footprints: