They call me Sniper Cabot

He basically has a sniper scope, so that makes me a sniper.

11.1/10 accuracy.


I was like “wtf happened, oh that’s his Eagle eye”

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You got two strikes :x


How is he to play with? Does he require a lot of skill? Does he need some fine-tuning?

I’m curious…please tell me :frowning:

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Cuz papa AI would pop RF as soon as monster is in LoS and he goes down, then I get targeted.

TBH I really don’t like his Projectile Shield. Requires LoS at all times.

Rough. I was on OP and Papa kept dying, Wags didn’t do nothin’, and Parnell tried to 1v1 the monster.

I feel like his self-sustainabilityis trash because cloak really doesn’t work in combat. If you get found, ur ded.


I’d say more self-sustainability, because he is a very easy target, and it’s easy for his Solar Blast to miss the monster, causing him to still be focused. I dunno, I still have to break him in more.

So the cloak radius isn’t really that big then?

It is big. It looks to me like a 40 meter radius.

Edit: I can confirm, my estimates were 100% correct.


no need to buff/nerf radious, it’s good but yeah he dies so ez cus all medics are “wierd” now. I feel that “cloak for everyone” is not that usefull i’m ok with increased movement speed but meh…

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He might be strong with Slim and Lennox, sort of an up-close battle team where the monster tries to focus either slim or babot but will have to push through shielding and healing along with cloak. Meanwhile, lennox doesn’t have to go far for her plasma lance to reach maximum damage output.

It’s definitely an interesting concept worth trying out.

Could also use the cloak to sneak up on the monster. He can’t smell or see you as you close in on him…

Just like in Legacy, right Breezy?

Babot is a sniff of nostalgia’s charm.

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But how often did people actually do that cause in my experience, no one used cloak for that

I did occasionally, pretty cool if you pull it off

No it is big, but it’s basically a throwback to Legacy where cloaking was either unreliable or toxic, only now any monster has DoT to reveal a Hunter.

But the monster can see the AoE particals so it’s still a dead giveaway when the hunters are trying to cloak-dome the monster.

Cabot so hot right now