These resets are getting beyond ridiculous now

I play a lot but am sticking to custom games to avoid any chance of the reset. Almost at level 40 now and never been reset once.

Sure, it would be great to be competing for those leaderboard spots but not at the risk of losing everything like the poster above did.

I assume they have not fixed it yet because they are having either trouble locating the problem, or waiting to release a patch that covers a lot more than just the resets.

How do you know that it’s “out of TRS’ control?” do you have a Bat Phone linked up, straight to Robb’s desk?

No, iirc TRS actually don’t own any of the actual servers, so there’s nothing they can do about laggy/crappy servers

They did mention they were working on a fix for the xbox, since that system is having the most (reports about) stats being reset


My game just closed itself YET AGAIN. I’m beyond frustrated now and I think i’ll just leave the game be for a while

I think I heard somewhere ETA for a patch is sometime this week

Reply there and on the 2k forums with all your frustration. Be sure to TWEET! TWitter is a great tool for count sting directly with the devs and 2ksupport

Fortunatly i Haven’t run into this issue yet on Ps4. Does anyone know what causes it? has TRS mentioned anything about what we could do to prevent it from happening?

I agree that name calling isn’t the civil way to handle anything. However, you’ve got to get your facts in order before you start throwing accusations & instigation. MS doesn’t even handle the servers that Evolve is using. 2K & TRS have already admitted that it’s bug on 2K’s servers that causing progress reset. You’re simply spreading false information by associating Microsoft into the picture.

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I didn’t mean to blame anybody, I was just pointing out that TRS is not to blame for it.
I don’t know how servers are handled on xbox/console so I just put down who I thought would be in charge of servers or have anything to do with it (hence I wrote down “xbox, microsoft, …” and not just Microsoft)

From your post, it clearly shows that you’re insinuating that MS is handling the server duties. That couldn’t be further from the truth since it’s known that 2K handles servers for all of their games. Your comments were instigating animosity toward the Xbox One. The last thing we need in this community is juvenile console wars.



I’m not trying to start any kind of war here, I’m just defending TRS. And I thought xbox/microsoft was in charge of servers. PC & PS4 do encounter the same stat-resets but just not as frequent as xbox, that is all.

How are stats being reset. I thought the stats are tied to your save if you do not link a my2k account? The game is deleting local saves?

that’s what I just said…

it has to do with the my2k account thing. since xbone had the BETA stats carry over majority of users used it. ps4 player here and i do not sign into this my2k account. i have seen very little stat resets on ps4. my leaderboard kraken wins got reset once tho.

so if there are any fingers to point its the correlation between xbox live servers and 2k games servers while using my2k, something that doesnt work very well since nba 2k13 used it. least in my expierence.

that is my theory at least

Not saying fuck this game but yeah pretty salty got on today and was reset a second time I had 98% Caira mastery now 0

Here yah go.

Also there is a long discussion about it resets here.

Sorry you’re having problems, mine crashed only once in solo.

I played the Beta too, didn’t had anything happen so far though.

I got reset in the beta at level 21. When I encountered several bugs in game I checked out 2k forums and the TRS forums here to find that the resets were still happening. Since I’m level 31 and have seen that a fix is in the works I put all game time on hold. It’s going on day five now, which is killing me as sad as that sounds but I love this game.

As another member already stated its amazing to see how many players are still cranking hours into this game with that possibility looming overhead. I understand it isn’t a requirement for gamers to check the devs site during release week to see what’s happening with their brand new title but for those members who read it and knew, tisk tisk. Right now it’s just a waiting game unless you think it can’t happen to you. I’d rather wait it out than take my chances. I already pushed it for three days playing anyway despite knowing. I think I’ve pressed my luck far enough.