These resets are getting beyond ridiculous now


How long has it been since the game has been out? 8… 8 days and yet, no patch for resets. This is getting ridiculous how a company fails to restore levels and progress that people have spent over 70 hours. At this point, after being reset 4 times, I’m done. I can’t restart again, watch all these stupid unskipable tutorial videos and get a slight disadvantage on each game.
Fuck this game.


PC & PS4 have none of these problems. So instead of pointing your finger at TRS, check where the real problem is at (xbox, microsoft, …)


I think it is more on both parties but that is just going to open a bigger can of flesh eating community worms.


That’s false actually, also happening on PC


After the first reset, why did you put yourself at risk of getting reset again?

Surely after 3 you must notice something consistent with the resets and learned to avoid it, Ive gotten reset 1 time day after launch, and started treading carefully havent been reset since and am level 25 on Xbox One


Microsoft is not to blame, 2ks servers are bad


Because I want to play a game i paid 69 $ for ? Is that too much to ask? Getting reset at lvl 37 again isn’t fun even when avoiding what the posts on the forums say. Garbage 2k


I dont see how you are getting reset, I join custom games and switch consoles everyday, and have never gotten reset again


There have been report of it happening on all the consoles so don’t spread misinformation


This is not Microsoft’s fault. Its 2K’s fault. Apparently whatever server they use for the Xbox playerbase is fucked up.

Get your facts straight, moron.


Everyone is aware of the stats reset yet they still play like 10 hours+ a day. It is the risk you take.; deal with it or wait for the patch.


Namecalling won’t get your anywhere apart from the banlist. I appreciate your answer tho.

All I was trying to say is that this problem is out of TRS’ control and that people should stop complaining to them


There are reports of PC players here on the forums being reset along with PS4 players. It is 2K’s servers.


Obvious troll bait gtfo


I play a lot but am sticking to custom games to avoid any chance of the reset. Almost at level 40 now and never been reset once.

Sure, it would be great to be competing for those leaderboard spots but not at the risk of losing everything like the poster above did.

I assume they have not fixed it yet because they are having either trouble locating the problem, or waiting to release a patch that covers a lot more than just the resets.


How do you know that it’s “out of TRS’ control?” do you have a Bat Phone linked up, straight to Robb’s desk?


No, iirc TRS actually don’t own any of the actual servers, so there’s nothing they can do about laggy/crappy servers

They did mention they were working on a fix for the xbox, since that system is having the most (reports about) stats being reset



My game just closed itself YET AGAIN. I’m beyond frustrated now and I think i’ll just leave the game be for a while


I think I heard somewhere ETA for a patch is sometime this week


Reply there and on the 2k forums with all your frustration. Be sure to TWEET! TWitter is a great tool for count sting directly with the devs and 2ksupport