These new maps


Is it TRS’s way of experimenting with a foundation for story based maps?


These all fit into the story. However, Deepest Dark is a beta to test how it works to see if they should do more like it.


Perhaps add a difficulty option for coop? As it stands they’re a tad to easy.


Luckily TRS stated that harder AI’s will come out in time. They said the current AI is the out of tutorial difficulty AI.


I was hoping they made the fight with the Queen more of a boss fight. Maybe have her climb to the top of the trap and have her enter an invincible phase where you have to kill a bunch of mini-Gorgon’s to get her out of it.

Or maybe add some S2 Gorgon’s that perch themselves higher up on the big satellite looking thingies that spit acid down upon you while you fight her.