These hunters have much to learn


I’ve been thinking, the hunters each carry a pistol with them, a pistol that has about as much use as a laundry basket filled with potatoes in the same situation, but at the same time, the medgun is a one handed pistol like weapon that cant weigh much more than it. If every hunter decided to pack a medgun instead of a pistol, their success rate would go up 90080%, shear would be saved and they would have significantly less to worry about. They literally have no excuse not to do so, salveron is an entire industry that specialises in healing equipment, so the guns cant be that hard to obtain. (I do understand the gameplay reason not to implement this, im just thinking in a lore-based mindset, these hunters havent really thought his operation through)


They goofed when they thought four people wpuld be enough to handle apex predators who can breath fire and teleport.


They are only there because they are iconic. If we wanna get technical… why does a rock throw not 1 hit KO a hunter!!!

Secrets Revealed!??!


Why not just nuke everything from orbit?

Use VTOLs and shit to balst them from the air?

Have all Hunters go in or at least have 8 Hunters all together fighting one Monster?
Although this reason is for the Hunters to cover more ground faster but whatever.

I mean there are a lot of plot holes but oh well… tis a game with a lots of issues.


You’ve broken the willing suspension of disbelief.



They dont nuke everything because they tried to save all of the people, and as the story progressed they themselves are now trying to find a way off the planet


It might be that the medguns are much harder to produce, or are more scarcer. Could be the same thing for ammo. Or potentially the medgun needs a large supply of ammo, or an energy source that would be more inconvenient for the hunters to carry


I was hoping for a different kind of logic.

Cloak the Assault. Move towards Wraith from behind. Hit her once with a Thunder Strike.


Hmmm… I can already see the wonderful complaint threads flooding in.

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Pls not. You’d have to be pretty agile in the sense where you’d be able to come up behind a constantly moving monster.


Even five would do it. Imagine having Hank, Sunny, Slim, Jack and Torvald on one team. Nothing’s beating that.


Noob. Real assassins used the DB gloves for 30x.


As a part time Monster player, that idea sends shivers down my spine.

As a hunter player, count me in.


Eh, it’d be useless. Smell prettymuch ensures that you can’t be snuck up on if you use it well. :P<G

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Also, I don’t see why Val is incapable of just pointing her Med Gun at herself and healing herself, I guess she just hasn’t thought of that yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Why arenyt hunters using tanks and heavy armor? Besides lennox.