There's more to Kala than we think


For reasons unknown, Cabot recruited Kala to hunt monsters. However, not everyone agrees with his decision. Throughout the game you hear the distrust from other team members in Kala’s motives and abilities. Most simply can’t fathom why anyone would mix DNA with the monsters they fight.

Here’s my theory…

Kala didn’t just mix DNA to get a better understanding of the monsters, she helped create them. She felt colonizing other planets and extorting their resources was wrong. She felt powerless to stop it so she devised a plan, one that could counter colonists. The creation of monsters, nightmarish beings that could be made in abundance. They’d have brute strength, unique abilities, no remorse, and human intelligence. They’d be expendable creatures with one objective; kill all colonists and stop the spread of planet degradation.

At first, the plan worked without a hitch. Colonists were afraid to continue their duties, and some even refused to leave their designated safe zones, sometimes even starving to death.
Then, in a last effort to preserve what little progress the colonists made, they set out to find the best hunters in the galaxy. Individuals that could work as a team, and hunt the monsters effectively. This thwarted Kala’s plan due to the effiency of Cabot’s team. They hunted and killed the first wave of monsters. This angered Kala, what seemed to be the perfect plan was no longer working. So, in a desperate attempt to solve this problem, she reached out to Cabot. She went against all her morals to get recruited on the same team that destroyed her precious creations. This would allow her to gain inside tactics, and give her the edge she would need to further bring her goals to reality…

And thus came the Monster Variants, creatures altered to give them the advantage…

Just a fun theory. :wink:


Fun theory but Matt’s official canon debunks it. I like how your mind works though!


OP, to elaborate on this, Matthew has confirmed that humans had no involvement in the creation of the monsters whatsoever.


Instead of theory, I should have put “My personal twist.” But oh well, it was a fun write. I enjoy how involved this community is. Wish this darn update would come out already. -_-

What are your thoughts on some of the announced changes? Do you think it’s a step in the right direction for improved gameplay, or just a temporary fix to an already doomed system?


There’s a thread specifically for this! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I appreciate it. Still learning the ropes of the forums, but so far it’s a pretty interesting community.


Let him enjoy it for a few hours…jeez :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a fun read :slight_smile:

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Where can we find the official canon to the backstory and the hunters?


Here you go :slight_smile:
Here’s some background on some of our hunters


No. I must crush all the dreams.


:joy::joy::joy: I didn’t write it hoping this was Kala’s back story. It’s like writing an alternate version of what already is. As I’ve said before, it was a fun write. That update tho…


Could be a nice theory and what not if it wasn’t already disproven by Matthew and if she wasn’t a playable character because why would she try to help resolve the problem she started? If she wanted them to stop the colonization of Shear and such she wouldn’t come to stop them. Just my 2cents.


And this plays right into my idea for Kalas adaptation to actually be half human instead of half monster.

Blah blah regular mold of adaptations, blah. She isnt a regular defined player, she is half Monster not a human.

Is the glass half empty or full? A huge 30ft Kala would be a sweet thing to see.

Until the devs fully flesh it out I say any direct confirmations are smoke screens to stop us from learning the truth, so its all fair game regardless of what is claimed until is confirmed in game, by someone who knows for sure, as in not speculated in game like the monster eggs thingy or genders.


Consider it like sparing, by destroying the existing monsters she can learn new things for creating adaptations and what-not.

Ever seen the Incredibles? Kinda like the enemy robots keep getting destroyed and rebuilt better.


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