There's a spot on a Defend map where you can get stuck defending the final generator


It’s the one that’s named “Salveron Industries” or whatever. All I was doing was jetpacking up one side and Hyde kept trying to grab the edge too early and climb up. I was stuck under here until the game ended.


You should report it here. Just scroll down to "Bug Reporting"and fire away. Good luck.

Out of curiosity, did you win?


There’s 3 seconds left on the timer, so yes lol.


…Slap me. God damnit, how did I not notice that? I blame the jet-lag. Stupid work, making me miss launch day and making me look dumb…

Nice work, I guess?


This isnt a proper fix but letting the bots take over for a bit can get you unstuck in a lot of situations
It helped me when I was stuck inside a rock on defend