There's a Disturbance in the Force


This goes against all of the people saying Evolve is doomed to be like Titanfall.


It’s just the feeling of helplessness and constant suffering from playing Monster right now creeping through into the forums. Monsterplayers right now obviously need another form of enjoyment rather than actually getting culled in the matchmaker.


Is there no weekly challenge this week?


Sure it is, and I’m all about Evolve since release. Was even thinking about getting setting up a team and getting into the competitive scene to have a reason to work on some proper Monstergame again. But for obvious reasons that is on hold for now…
I for one will maybe play the game for another two micropatches and see if they actually get their shit straight.



Because he’s mostly correct about the state of Evolve. For as much as it was hyped and toted and the promises made in the months after regarding balance/fixes, he’s very correct in judging it negatively. Didn’t live up to the hype, and important patches that other games have take three maybe four days to fix have taken months or gone completely unfixed.

I still like Evolve because it’s my style of game, but anyone with negative views on it is completely justified as well.


If they feel that strongly and have a valid reason then yes, all of that behavior is fine. People have a right to know the differing opinions. In regards to this game, yours would be the unpopular one but I’ve seen on multiple posts you just trying to stop people from posting negative reviews and opinions without any real evidence to back up what you say. I haven’t noticed other people hopping into every post trying to offset their opinions other than your particular posts.


It’s getting harder to keep faith in that statement to be honest. Sure you can’t account for every little detail if you make a change to game mechanics. However… it would probably help having a little heads-up and maybe even some proper testing done on changes on this magnitude like the knockback changes. I mean… we don’t need much to give enough constructive feedback on a change like this, just a simple ‘Hey guys, we are currently working on this mechanic change that totally fucks up so many different aspects of the game you will definitely have fun with the Hunters if you never won before. And don’t worry Monsterplayers, it’s gonna be ready to make you quit Evolve just in time for the Witcher 3.’


By the way shipping doesn’t mean sold.

Shipping means send to stores.Yes ofc this means it sold more than 1,5 millions but we dunno how much EXACTLY it sold.

Like at PC game did bad lets not fool ourselves.But its a good thing it went so good at consoles.That means they will continue to support the game and the PC will get that support as well.


Lol all these “Posts withdrawn by author”.

We all know what this really means.


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…Okay, cracking up a bit over here now.


There were posts on this thread once right? I can’t remember, but I have a pretty good feeling somethings ‘missing’ from this thread.


Ooooooooooooooops. So sorry about that. The buttons are close together. I SWEAR. >.>


Sequel? Is this some sort of joke? I am not buying any sequels. Fool me once shame on me…
Before you anounce any sequels, get your first iteration right. Thats a looooooooooooongcat way of.



Look at all those withdrawn posts o.o


Conversation happened here. ^.^


This thread looks like a nuked battlefield.


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