There will be some kind of prestige?


In the long run what will be to continue the challenge? @MacMan

This game is fun and is played by the same, but also need some sort of challenge after several months or a year, how many levels are in total?


That would be good to know


…every match is a challenge in and of itself?

Damn young kids these days needing a trophy to show off to other people, no matter how mundane the task to obtain it.


Man what’s wrong with having a goal besides fun


Dude rly wtf all we know every match is a challenge, but many people like to have some sort of progress like you job or something else and I do not see anything wrong with that.

All I want to know is if the game has challenges for long time of course I’ll play for fun but that’s another topic


Nothing but he has a point. The game itself should be fun and rewarding, playing to get better should be the goal. If the only thing fun about the game is “leveling” there’s something wrong with the game.


I guess the prestige could and would be your position in the global leaderboards :smile:


Its a game, is good to have challenges besides the fun is just a bonus and extra is very hard to understand the point ?


I don’t understand you kids today and your prestiging. When I was young it was all about bragging and trashtalk*.

(*Friendly trashtalk. Is it even possible to trashtalk without insulting anyone anymore?)


There’s a game for that, it’s called Call of Duty I believe.


Ugh I really freaking hope not. I really, really, really, really hate this idea.

At least if it ends up anything like CoD.

Last thing I want is content locked away that takes a stupid amount of time to unlock off the disc, that is just frustrating for the casual players. You want a shiny badge that is for your E-peen, sure prestige 5 billion times over for all I care, but don’t lock the average player away from content or anything over it.


The level cap is currently 40, but it’s been mentioned that in the future the level cap will be raised for free; by how much remains a mystery. There will also be more perks for free, so there’s potential for challenges to be added to unlock those. If you wanted to suggest that to the devs then you’re best off doing that here :slight_smile:


Yeah I like the sound of that soooo much more. Lol.

Doing the same thing over and over is hardly enjoyable, just giving us something new every so often is soooo much better in every way.


My take will be in the long-run a ranked system.With the continues updates+content added for our pleasure the rank will be while enjoying the game,you,trying to get better at it.What’s the best way than having rank?

I’m 100% with you.I miss playing LAN’s with friends and trashtalking for fun.(Plus learning what my mother was doing last night)


We are working on a ranked play mode and expect that people who reach their level cap will want to play there to be ranked in a ladder against other players.

Gameplay should be balanced around L40 crowd
Please let us disable completely a team choice
Kill Cam in Hunt

Anything you can tell us about your ranked mode plans?


We’re going to try to get a basic ranked play system out there as quickly as possible and then iterate on it with feedback from everyone. This gets it in your hands more quickly and ensures that the time we spend on additional features is well spent.

Please let us disable completely a team choice

Yeeeees i’ve been begging for one since Alpha and i finally see confirmation.Also i wouldn’t bother making it fast.I think like in every game the rank system can wait for at least 3-4 months.Even more.So people can practice before going into that


Awesome, glad to hear that :smiley: I look forward to seeing how it turns out.


That’s very cool, I know ranked mode kept me playing League all these years and I think Evolve has the same potential.