There should be an underwater map




That would be cool but you wouldn’t be able to use Goliath and if you could use kraken I feel like they would have to give you some crazy powerboost when you use your electric attacks


Probably they would have to change so many things on that map nere mind bad idea


Well no that would be awesome but it would be really limited on what could be playable you know maybe they could do something kind of like an under water base were maybe damage to the area could cause leaks and makes the place flood which would cause problems for monster and hunter alike


Seems like you’d need to add a way for the hunters to function. I don’t think it’d be easy swimming in all that gear. :slight_smile:


Probably just have the jet packs have less cool down since they probably wouldn’t have anything huge to try and climb


Now I just am picturing Goliath wearing a Giant Autographed Glow-in-the-Dark Snorkel. hahahahahaha!


A few people, including me have talked about this idea. I personally think it would be really cool… But I could see how it could cause some problems with the game as well.


I can’t think of any game that did a decent water level. Water levels have always sucked. To make a water level you might as well make a new game as the current monsters/weapons wouldn’t really function under water.

That being said, having a large underwater cave as a map would be cool and I’d be all for that.


That would be pretty sweet I wounder if we get a monster that can dig if it would be able to hide in the top of the cave and get the drop on a stray hunter


@MaddCow this is pretty much what most people say… and personally I agree as much as I would like to see a water level work.

I like your idea. What if there was a huge under water cave level… The movie Sanctum comes to mind. Maybe they deploy from a sub, swim up into a cavern and then it is basically like a normal level from there. There could be pockets of water here and there, but nothing too major. Waterfalls… etc.

Ohhh this could be cool! :smiley:


Don’t forget the obligatory cave behind the waterfall. Would be a fun hiding spot to pounce out of.


Kraken pouncing through a waterfall! That would be EPIC!!!


Although it would probably be ridiculous to implement, it would be sweet if there was an underwater cave system that the monster could use to swim through and travel quickly, while the hunters were restricted to staying on solid ground.


I think that would be way to much of an advantage for a monster then they would actualy have a safe place to evolve


You could impale hunters on stalagmites and stalactites. That would also be bad ass. (Technical terms for the big rock spikes that form in caves, both on the ground and ceiling.)


That would be sooooooo sick!


Reminds me of Jurassic Park 2. Granted the food humans are hiding IN the waterfall.


If I was on the monster the Hunters would be in that same position… maybe there could even be snakes inside :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to be able to climb a tall object and swat at the Hunters as they’re flying past on their jetpacks