There should be a taunt button. (or even dance emotes!)


I was looking at the different controller schemes (for monsters) , and noticed about a third of the buttons aren’t even used. So my thought was, why not have a taunt button? Perhaps there could even be dances/emotes. I would suggest putting them on the D-pad for default, and a taunt (like a roar) for R3/L3.


I dont know if im the only 1 but i personally like seeing my own character dance…IMPLEMENT THIS AND MIRRORS…MIRRORS EVERYWHERE


I think a taunt would be cool… However dancing in game is so stupid… This isn’t destiny, that kinda junk can stay in thier game… This is a hunt against a 3 story monster, not a dance off…


Taunt would be OP! haha

Yeah a Taunt should be implemented


TRS have said that they originally intended do add in a taunt function but never got around to it. They also said that if it was a big enough demand, they would add it in a future update.

Last time this was brought up, the discussion turned into a huge fight.
Some people find taunts extremely offensive, even if it is just an animation.


I suggested a click wheel with call outs for Assault/Medic/etc. i.e. “Need a Medic!”

And maybe a taunt.

Left stick click on Xbox.


Now that, I would like.


I would love a dance feature! I could just imagine. And give the behemoth a disco ball skin and when he gets domed lights and music start playing and you could have a funny dance fight. DaSlipryBuffalo you might not like it, but you have to admit it would put a smile on your face. Even if it’s restricted to custom games.


Offensive? well that’s their problem if they aren’t mature enough to handle a taunt. It is M for mature after all lol.


Exactly this.
Hopefully this discussion will keep clean, it did turn into a big toxic cesspit thread last time.


Hey, I’m just providing an early warning for the storm that might be come.
Personally I’d love a taunt function, heck, I would even pay for it.


I always thought they should add a roar for each monster if you click the left stick


Well considering I main monster, I gladly welcome this storm >:) lol


It’s nothing more than a bunch of internet heroes who worry for the sanctity of thesae invisible people who take offense to anything.

And to be honest, it was a CLEAR majority in favor of the taunt. We shutdown all opposition and rendered all negative points null.

The only guy who abhorred the taunt for no reason that wasn’t discussed already was madcow…


Just play Abe. No taunt button required.