There really needs to be a better system to choose your role


I am really enjoying this game…when I actually get to play the role(s) I want to play. But now it’s getting to the point where I’m getting so frustrated getting placed in roles I don’t want to play, that I’m finding myself not even wanting to play at all. For instance, today I loaded up the game with the goal of trying to get Caira’s elite skin, however I barely put a dent into that since I only got the medic role 1/3 of the time (being generous here too since every evacuation swapped me to something else every other match, and on top of that this game loves to give me the monster role even though it’s my 5th priority).

I was thinking a better system would be to keep the role priority system that exists now, but allow you to select just the classes you want. Then only find lobbies that require whatever role(s) you selected. In the case of having multiple people with multiple roles selected, the current system would take effect. Although, I think one minor change to this should be to not have roles swap during the 5 days of an evacuation, just to keep group synergy going.

So for example, if I just wanted to play the medic, I would only select medic and that’s all I would ever be forever. If I selected medic(1) and support(2), then I would be thrown into a match with one of those roles open, prioritizing medic if both slots are open, etc. If another person with medic(1) and support(2) is in the lobby, we would switch back and fourth per skirmish match, or swap after the 5th day of evacuation. If I’m medic(1) support(2) and the other person is medic(2) support(1), I would forever be medic and they would forever be support.

Obviously, queue times would be longer if you only select one role, and you could select one or two more if you want to speed things up. Or select all 5 if you like things as they are now.


When it comes to hunter roles you can always try asking another player to switch with you. Works quite often. Sometimes, both of you want the same role but than you can agree to switch the roles every game so that both of you play medic every other match.


I am in for a better matchmaking system. I set last priority for monster and guess what.
10 Games in a row i join in as monster while already almost being destroyed by the hunters. Like 10 games in a row!! This is just un-fcking-real.


I’ve had no luck in getting that to work. But more importantly that is not a permanent solution. This game is great, but I almost feel like I’ve wasted my money just because I barely get to play the game how I want to play. If I am in the mood for x class and x class only, I should be able to play only that. Just like every other game with a class system.


Your issue here is not the role system, its the ‘‘join an game already underway’’ thingy.

Which i agree is a tad awfull.


While I think the priority system is in a pretty good place, I won’t lie, I wouldn’t mind some changes. Like, if people hate playing Monster they should be able to lock it out from their queue completely.

Perhaps allow people to lock out certain roles while giving them a warning that they will likely have longer queue times?


I want to play monster. I joined a game as a hunter where everyone had 2 strikes and Kraken was lvl 3 with full health.



How do you start your on thread?


I think if everyone had to choose like this there could be chances of long periods of wait time to find a match. If there is a time limit that they fill it with bots than your are playing with bots and there is basically no different than a custom game. Custom games are the answer. There is a looking for a group section on the forum and a cool site gridom i believe to help people find other players.


No, it is the role system. Cause even getting into pre-game lobbies I get put into roles low on my list. And often in evacuation I and one other person will trade off roles every “day”.


That means everybody has the same setup as you did xD


Exactly, which is my point. If I only want to play medic, I should be able to select only medic and get put into games where there is no one playing medic (or if they have medic as their number 1 but have a second class selected they will just be the second class). Then while I’m in that lobby, with medic as my only choice, no one else with only medic selected can get in. But if they have, say, medic > assault > monster selected, they can join in as assault or the monster. And between games/days it won’t switch us out.


That’s a risk, but I think that if they still let you choose more than one class, I think for the most part it would balance itself out. The occasional bot isn’t a big deal either, as we already get them in games and the A.I. is pretty good.


I would be happy to wait personally. I think a lot of people would be willing to wait in order to get the roles they want.


Same, I think many would. And with what I’m proposing, those who don’t want to wait could just select all 5 roles like now and wouldn’t have to wait. They would just get thrown into whatever role is needed like now.


Exactly. That already works well lmao.


I’d also like to point out, that as it is now is an inherent game imbalance. Anytime someone gets put into a role they are awful with, it drags the whole team down, when they wanted to play a role they excel at in the first place. For me personally, I think I am a great medic, a good support, a decent assault, and a terrible trapper (I’m a terrible monster too). For the life of me I can’t properly trap the monster even though I “know” what to do. So anytime I randomly get put into that role, the team has to deal with having a trapper who can’t properly trap. When they could have had a medic who loves to keep people healed/supported and is actually good at it. Even with assault, I’m decent with it, but I’m sure many who have it as their #1 would be much better suited at it than I am.


Cool. That is what is going on now but you actually get to play or see something besides searching with that weird didgeridoo ambient noise.


I don’t really care about this for the hunters but I think there should definitely be a toggle(separate from preference) for the monster.


I really do think it should be for both. Having played a lot more and gotten to know all the hunters, it’s not as bad randomly getting a role. But some days, I just simply don’t want to play certain classes, or only want to focus on one. I’d much rather have the option to flag 1 or 2 classes one day and play only them while waiting longer to find a match. Then the next day when idc what I play, I can just flag them all and get matches quickly.