There ought to be a grace period for leaving


When you start into a game, I feel like if you leave during the feeding animation/dropship, you should be able to leave and not get punished for it. If I bug out and want to leave because the hunters are not kindly enough to grant a restart, then I should be able to leave and
A. Not take a 60 second penalty.
B. Not take a loss.
Even if it’d be a loss if I stayed, but I digress.


Disagree. 10char


Yeah, it was a pretty stupid decision to make it count as a loss when you leave a game. Punishes
everybody instead of the people it maybe should. No penalty would ever make me stay in a game
that I want to leave.


And why do you disagree? This is an excellent idea.


Completely agree with you. 60 seconds feels like forever when you sit there and watch the timer… 59… 58… 57…


Damn right man, and its even worse knowing it could have been avoided if at least one of the hunters wasn’t a dork


They want leaving discouraged, Leavers suck. Hope this never happens.


So if I am stuck bugged out, completely incapable of moving, and the hunters deny me a restart I should just suck it up and take a death? In my book, that sucks, because it happens a lot, lot more than leavers


Sneaking fixes getting stuck 100% of the times it’s happened to me. You must be playing with aliens or something because even getting stuck once or twice a game I still deal with more leavers daily then I get stuck in place as monster.


Oh i don’t mean midmatch, I mean
Spawn in
Stuck in a Tmodel
Can’t move
Stuck at spawn in a bug


That’s why on ps4 you just attempt to join a buddies match mid game :)… No match cooldown at all… Even if the lobby is full… Idk about the win/loss ratio thoigh


Never happened to me in the time since release and no one I know has had it happen and never heard about it till this post. Saying it’s a larger issue then leavers which affect everyone is really really silly.


And I’ve never encountered leavers ^.^
Saying leavers effect everyone is silly by that logic.
But as I said, just a tiny grace period, until hunters boots hit the ground you should be able to leave and at least not have to wait 60 seconds for whatever reason, not like it’ll really change the game.


Clearly you’ve never so much as touched public matchmaking before which is a majority of play. Almost all my matches having 1+ leavers. A rare bug like stupid rare compared to something that comes up frequently on the forums and my own play. Some matches I’ve faced upwards of 9 seperate hunters in a single round of hunt. I’d rather have players stay in a match after it starts so I can have fun playing the game over fighting more bloody bots then I already do.

If all you play is custom why not just suggest custom games don’t register leaves. Their premade only anyway.


Actually all I play is pubs, I got no friends ;-;
Also I play monster so I need pubs to do really anything.

I just don’t think you’re getting the picture. People will still be punished for leaving, just not if its within the first 10 seconds, as there are things that could happen in that time that would ruin the game a lot more than a bot taking over.
Hunter doesn’t leave the dropship and dies, Monster refuses restart, Hunter leaves because he won’t enjoy the match.
No penalty.
Monster leaves after 20+ minutes of running around, gets down to 1 bar, then leaves?
Full penalty.


Hunters leave for all sorts of reasons. Had a match the other day our maggie left mid air, we saw birds and moved, bot run opposite direction and humps a sloth to full death before we made it. If the monster wasn’t silly and refused to retreat even at 1 bar as stage 1 wraith. I have no idea why she left but damn if I wasn’t pissed and the game was certainly effected. Not the first time, won’t be the last.

I’ve had where in the dropship friends came on that wanted to play and I made them wait to not fuck up the match.


He is not saying don’t punish leavers, he is saying make a tiny, 10 second period where you just joined the game and can back out without it counting as a full game loss.

Have you never hot joined a 2 bar of health monster and though nope within moments of seeing the predicament. Or joining as a two strike hunter as the monster reaches stage 3.

That is what would be changed, or if the hunter fell out of the drop ship and died outside the map. All things you would want to quit for legitimate reasons over, and things that happen so rarely that it is worth allowing.

It’s not like everyone is going to just quit within 10 seconds unless the game breaks and does something terribly broken.


You don’t even get losses for that, it’s a freebee fresh lobby. Join mid match is not a loss unless you leave for no reason.


Because the game has already started. Anyone leaving would require waiting for a new person to join for an ‘ideal’ game’