There NEEDS to be a training mode


I played some this weekend, and will play some more tonight. The game is very promising, and fun overall.

One thing is not fun though, it is to have to learn everything about the game with 4 players on your ass. From which kind of wildlife i should eat, avoid, use to trap the hunters. Getting to know the layout of the map.

Right now, getting to learn anything about the game is very hard, since it is only doable within a pvp match. The same applies for the hunters, whenever i get a role i am not used to, i am just a big liability to my team.

This is definitely NOT the best way to get people to learn.


There wil be a tutorial game in the release game, don’t worry ^^


Given that this is an alpha only, most of the point was find bugs and server stresses. But totes! Devs have already confirmed that there will be a tutorial beyond the intro vid in full release


Agreed. The full game has a full Goliath tutorial mossion and you can practice against bots (with the full progressions system active) before you go online. I play against bots at work to try difderent strategies, see the effects of different perks, etc.


Sweet! Thanks for the answer MacMan!
Very excited for the full game, looks awesome so far.


Lots more cool stuff to come!