There needs to be a better way for new players to know how to play Slim


This has been going on since the free weekend, but I’ve just been pushed to the breaking point.

I’ve been into too many games where these new players don’t know how to heal with Slim.
It was cute the first two times, and I do try and explain to them how it works. But then there seem to be people who don’t freaking listen to you and not use the heal burst. =-=

I tried so hard explaining to them but they won’t heal…

Slim is pretty difficult medic to play for new players, but this is unforgivable.


There need to be character specific tutorials.
Yes, you are forced to watch a video every time you play a new character for the first time, but TRS seem to have massively underestimated the stupidity of the average human being.

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I am amazed about how much information new players miss out on, maybe there should be like a tutorial map for each of the hunters. Like the ones for each character you have to play with when you first start the game. But instead of the whole tier just the specific hunter.


Pit the damn recoil crosshair on the leach gun already. Its on Abe’s shotgun and shows exactly what spread youll get. Itll help with people that just spam it.

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I would love for the leech gun to have a recoil crosshair, but I bet it’ll look weird though… @macman can we please have a crosshair for slim?