There is something wrong when the hunters don t care about taking damage and still win

i m sorry but when i see hunters getting in front of me at all times, whatever the class, there is something wrong, it s not right that hunters can stay in your melee range and get away with it, there is something wrong with hunters not caring what you do to them and still win, it s very very wrong that the hunters don t think of you as a menace and don t care and that in the end you re not even a menace, just what is the deal with that, it gets worse when of course it s always the same hank/slim combo, hank/caira combo, hank/WHATEVER combo, you almost never see anything else these days, the rarest support for me is bucket jesus, abe is also a hunter i almost never see

Hank and sunny have the shielding and defensive capabilities that makes them strong picks. I love bucket and Cabot but in order to use them you have to deal massive damage very fast. It’s doable but the safest pick is Hank/sunny.
I see Abe a lot myself as well. I don’t see crow often. Usually I get Maggie, Jack, griffin or Abe.
You just need to find a way to break their strategy. Focus Hank next time first maybe.

that s easy to say but after so much time in evolve it s starting to get really annoying because it comes to the point where “oh, a hank, guess he ll be my primary target” like, i want to focus other stuff but i can t because monsters are too weak before stage 3 to destroy the shield in time

not anymore

what do you mean not anymore ??

stage 1 i can get a strike with hank shielding. stage 2 I have 4 moves. i can def blast thru the shield.


well good for yoiu you helped soooo much

I don’t understand what the problem is. You want them to just constantly run from you? I know a lot of people tank melee hits and save their fuel for dodging abilities. So I am confused by what is bothering you.

And what this person is trying to say is that it is not a problem that everyone has.

So it’s wrong for the Hunters to properly use their kit and team work? Gotcha.


because all of that is absolutely fair and square

Wouldnt happen to play on PC would you? Id love to scrim against you and learn what youre doing.

Do you compete by any chance? You sound like an awesome monster from all your posts, if you dont, you should- You could def teach everyone a thing or two in the competitive scene.

no. i wish my comp could handle it. buy me one sempai!

I did compete. on ps4. I was pretty dominant besides the best team victorious secret. who beat me 6-0 in tourney play and i never got back there to beat them.

But i took a break. 1 the ranked mode killed my desire to play. and 2 my team dissolved pretty much. before then i believed the wraith was top tier. a glitch caused no one to use her but i fought around it and was 1-0 in tourney play XD (lost in tie breaker they chose to play hunters, our backup monster played the first match and lost -.-)

in scrims even as goliath i could get downs stage 1. you just cannot miss. as wraith you can mitigate damage so the trade to attempt a down wasnt as harsh imo.

since im “out” of the loop (especially since PC esl is now on random days like today in fact) I havent watched pc evolve in a while. I do know that they are struggling hardcore. my only “suggestion” if you wanna call it that is that stage 1 three point spreads vs 2-2 splits will yeild good results compared to last patch.

kraken can do it

he needs arround 40 seconds to break caira hank if he hits his as vortex heavy after that u must have done arround 70-80% health dmg or ure fucked ^^

but most kraken stopped thinking midfight or they dont have a gameplan at all :confused:

That what I do. Have to put at least one strike before stage three. Definitely makes it easier

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I always figured they didn’t know what they were doing giving me free hits and all. But I played wraith so I used supernova + decoy to distract then move and find Hank

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