There is something we need to discuss


First let me commend you (Turtle Rock) on the new idea and Evolve.
We need fresh ideas in the gaming community and I think Evolve has a lot of potential.
Now on to the beta and what I’ve come to realize…

1st. Pricing. I know you blame 2k but, I don’t believe it. Not in the slightest actually. You cannot convince me that you had no idea of how it was going to work when you were making separate bundles.
Evolve may very well be the straw that broke the camel’s back with me. I won’t pay more than $60 if I decide to pay at all.
It could be argued that games have stayed close to the same price for years but that doesn’t hold water. In those years, wages have also stayed the same. More CEOs are making money hand over fist while workers make the same or less. In today’s economy, that argument fails.
This game, and it’s pricing, is going to suffer from the bad taste games like Destiny are leaving. People want a flat cost for a game. No sudden DLC, no pre order bonus, no special packs, just a friggin flat rate. What you and other companies are failing to realize is that you’re milking a cow that’s about dead.
To put it bluntly, the industry is burning it’s customers out of a job.
I, along with many, many others, are sick and tired of convoluted pricing methods.

2nd. Do you have any idea of how many FPS games are on the market now? The reason I ask this is because of my intention when I play. Let me be very clear here. I have no interest. None. Zero. Nada. Of playing anything other than the monster.
This is going to upset people but when you force me into a role OTHER than the monster, I quit. I don’t care about the penalty. It just means that I"ll hop on over to another game. I’ll end up trying again later and if I"m forced into another role, I’ll quit again.
I was so excited for this BECAUSE it was something else but a FPS if you play as a monster. Furthermore, none of my friends have a Xbox one which is where I"m playing. My PC’s motherboard and SSD died on the same day so until I get that repaired, the console is how I would play. So with that being said, I am alone in this game. And since I work and have a family, I’m not going to spend time looking for reliable players when I could be playing. But that doesn’t even matter because I don’t want to play anything but the monster. If you argue that its part of the design because EVERYONE wants to play as the monster, then its poorly designed.

3rd. My NAT settings are just fine. I’ve been a PC gamer for years and when a game forces me into my router to tweak things, its frustrating and I won’t do it any more. For this to be the only game in my collection to require that still, well perhaps it’s my age and how long I’ve been gaming but after you do it enough, its a hassle.

I hate that this will probably be my one and only topic but I looked forward to this game for so long and now the disappointment is…disappointing.
If this is the future of gaming, then it looks like I’m done gaming.